Memory tests for Alzheimer's disease

Memory tests for Alzheimer’s disease

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Memory tests are essential to assist in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and are used to assess its severity as well.

  • Examination of the mental mini-state for Alzheimer’s

    • Exam areas

  • Mini-test results for Alzheimer’s

  • Other memory tests for Alzheimer’s

Examination of the mental mini-state for Alzheimer’s

This test is the test that your doctor or specialist will use most commonly for the assessment of Alzheimer’s disease. The mini-test lasts approximately 15 minutes. It tests a variety of areas and generates a score that can go up to 30. the lower the score, the greater the severity disease.

Exam areas

To assess the patient’s time orientation, some questions are asked about day, month, year and season. Some questions are asked about where the patient is currently – the house / building, city and surrounding area – to assess their space orientation.

Other topics assessed are the ability to remember words and repeat phrases, language articulation (the patient is asked to quote everyday objects) and ability to reading: the patient is asked to read some commands and follow them. They can be simple commands, like ‘close your eyes’ and ‘breathe deeply’.

Other areas evaluated are memory – the person is asked to remember three words mentioned during the previous conversation – and the ability to calculation: the patient is asked to subtract successive units from seven from 100 (for example, 100, 93, 86, 79 etc.). Finally, the ability to to draw, asking the patient to copy a presented diagram.

Mini-test results for Alzheimer’s

The severity of Alzheimer’s disease depends on the score on the mini-test. If the disease is in a light stage, the score ranges from 21 to 26. If moderate, from 10 to 20. The score is 10 to 14 for the internship moderately severe and less than 10 when the disease is already in advanced stage.

Other memory tests for Alzheimer’s

There are other, more sophisticated assessments that can be performed by a specialist. Among them are the Lawton test, the Free and Guided Selective Recall test or Grober-Buschke test, and the Examination for Cognitive Disorders.

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