Accused of murder Melissa Webb's trial begins

Melissa Webb trial Witness says he saw the accused sting the victim

A man who was at 609 rue Napoléon said he saw Mélissa Webb “sting” the victim on the day of David Frigon’s murder, and heard her say the next day that “she had discovered a new kind of orgasm ”the day before.

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This testimony, it is Marc-Antoine Langlois who made it under oath this morning at the trial of the 26-year-old woman, in front of the eight women and six men who will have to determine whether the accused is guilty or not.

On September 30, 2019, Langlois went to the accommodation in the Saint-Sauveur district to buy morphine, a drug he used regularly at the time.

After obtaining the drugs, the man saw Martin Bolduc arrive in a fury in the apartment and physically attack David Frigon.

“David didn’t seem to understand… He kept saying, ‘I didn’t do anything, I didn’t do anything.’ Martin was attacking and David was trying to stop him, ”said the young man, specifying that he had to move more than once in the tiny apartment to dodge the blows that were raining down. It was there that he said he saw a girl arrive “by hopping”.


“She had a black and white bandana that hid half of her face. She was wearing gloves and had a knife in her hand. She walked around Martin to go into David’s left side, and she came out right away. It was as brief as that “, he said in one breath, adding that” Martin and David did not even notice it “.

The next day, he saw the girl again at a drug dealer nicknamed “Compact”. He said he then heard her say that the day before she had “discovered a new kind of orgasm”.

Bolduc, the one who took part in the fight with David Frigon, also testified before the members of the jury and stressed that he had never seen the accused on the day of the murder.

Place of consumption

Invited by Me Sébastien Saint-Laurent, defense lawyer, in describing the apartment on rue Napoléon and the wildlife that frequented it, Bolduc specified that it was mainly a place of consumption where several homeless gathered.

“It’s anyone, who picks up there … As you could say, there is no real credit check … One day, the world quarrels, the next day, they drink together .. . Last week, there were two more attempted murders … It was a place of mischief … a place of trouble, “he added.

“You, have you ever arrived there armed?” the lawyer asked him. “Me no. I was going there to consume. Not to quibble me, ”he said.

Before leaving the witness stand, Martin Bolduc wished to reiterate his condolences to the family of David Frigon.

“I’m so sorry, again, for everything that happened.”


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