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Meike S35 50mm T2.1 – Newsshooter

Meike has announced the S35 50mm T2.1. This is the second lens in the affordable S35 prime series and it joins the previously released S35 35mm T2.1.

Even though it is being touted as a lens that has been designed to be used on S35 sized sensors, the lens has an image circle coverage of 33.6mm which means it will actually cover quite a few full-frame sensor cameras when shooting in 4K DCI or UHD.

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I reviewed the S35 35mm T2.1 on the site last year. That lens offered good performance in a relatively lightweight and affordable package

5021S35 EFBMPCC6K 1

The lens is available in either PL or EF mounts. The lens weighs in at 910g (32oz) in PL mount and 940g (33.15oz) in EF mount.