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Mega Man X DiVE is published with a new introduction video

Mega Man X DiVE is published with a new introduction video

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Mega Man X DiVE, part action game cult Mega Man X It has just been announced that it will launch on the mobile platform.

Capcom has just announced the game Mega Man X DiVE for both iOS and Android operating systems with a short introductory video and some details in the game.

Mega Man X DiVE Set in the Deep Log, a world owns all the archives in the sections Mega Man X. The Deep Log world is in turmoil, the data existing inside are confused and it is the new player who can bring order to this planet.

Mega Man X DiVE is a classic horizontal screen action game that brings the most core values ​​of the series Mega Man X With multiple levels of play, diverse bosses and characters vary from past parts. Some new characters will also be "offered" for the first time in this version.

In the introductory video, we can see the X and Zero images that can be played in the game. At the end, Axl also appears in the image section so he can contribute to the list of playable characters.

Present, Mega Man X DiVE There is no specific launch date in 2019, we do not know if the game owns any form of virtual money trading or not and Capcom will "blow" the player's money like.

With Capcom having "revived" the series Mega Man X already sleeping long ago, along with the launch Mega Man 11 Previously, fans of this series could expect bigger, more popular names in the future, such as the sequel to Mega Man Battle Network.

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