Media tycoon wants to run for Mr. Trump

Media tycoon wants to run for president of the United States against Mr. Trump

Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City, is expected to apply to compete for the Democratic nomination in the US presidential race in 2020.

The New York Times reported that Bloomberg was preparing to enter the presidential race, starting with preliminary votes within the Democratic Party. He is expected to apply for confirmation of candidacy in the state of Alabama this week.

Bloomberg has been secretly considering running for election for weeks, but has not made a formal decision, one of his advisers said. However, the first sign that he will launch a campaign is when he has sent staff to Alabama to collect signatures to qualify for the primary election here. Alabama has a deadline until October 8 for candidates who are eligible to apply.

Billionaire, former mayor Michael Bloomberg

Another candidate for the Democratic nomination, Elizabeth Warren, had 'welcomed' Mr. Bloomberg to the race, but with a somewhat sarcastic tone.

“Welcome to the race, Michael Bloomberg. If you're looking for policy models that will make a big difference for your workers and gain widespread support, start here, ”she wrote on Twitter, with a link to the site. "Taxing the billionaires," created by Warren herself, under the model of taxing the rich she proposed.

Another strong candidate, Bernie Sanders, was also skeptical. "Billionaires are scared, and they should be," he wrote in a tweet.

Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir also said: "Adding billionaires seeking political power is not the change America needs."


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