McLaren: Legend of the British “car village”

From a famous racing team to a famous supercar company, McLaren has gradually conquered the hearts of car lovers with unbelievable records.

The British racing team – McLaren was founded by Bruce McLaren in 1963. Right from its inception, McLaren has quickly built up its own prestige and became one of the most famous racing teams in the “car village. Formula 1 UK in particular and the world in general. McLaren owns many glorious victories, winning countless awards, second only to Ferrari. Since 1966, McLaren has a total of 6 team championships and 11 individual championships.


In 1990, McLaren Cars was officially born. Based on the existing expertise in racing, McLaren Cars embarked on manufacturing commercial supercars. Most of McLaren Cars’s cars are aimed at customers who love speed and are excited about Formula 1. Therefore, from the exterior design to the interior space, the McLaren is inspired by many words. F1 racing models. McLaren Cars’ goal is the desire to bring users the “best” and most authentic experience with a “terrible” speed.

McLaren’s supercar lineup is mostly equipped with V8 to V12 engines, the shell uses mainly carbon materials, the exterior design focuses on aerodynamic efficiency. The performance of the McLaren is not inferior to famous supercars like Ferrari or Lamborghini. Some of McLaren’s most popular super car models are 720S, 720S Spider, 600LT, 600LT Spider, Senna GTR …

Hau Quoc

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