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McIntosh C49 Pre-amplifier, allowing future upgrades, about 117tr

McIntosh Labs recently unveiled the latest semiconductor pre-amplifier, in the mid-range segment, named C49 with modular circuit design, which was previously made with the integrated 2-channel MA9000 amplifier. (2017) and some other models. The C49 has a Digital Audio Module DA1 (8-channel, 32-bit DAC / Quad Balanced support and DSD256 as well as DXD 384kHz) can "be replaced by other audio modules when the new technology is released, bringing giving the product a longer line of life and ensuring no obsolescence in the future ".

DAC circuit does not play with MQA, in return C49 owns up to 13 diverse input ports, so it will be compatible with most devices that users are available. Analog connections include 2 balanced ports, 3 unbalanced ports, 1 Moving-Coil and 1 Moving-Magnet. Digital connections include 6 input on DA1: 2 coaxial, 2 optical, 1 USB and 1 MCT modules (exclusive for McIntosh MCT-series with SACD / CD Transport early products). C49 has 2 balanced output, 2 unbalanced output (variable) and 1 unbalanced output (fixed).

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We do not know the module DA1 can continue to be integrated into other pre-amplifier products such as C2600, C52, D1100 … or not because McIntosh Labs refused to give any comment. There are also features that users are looking forward to, such as MM / MC-stage, Ethernet / PC connection or stream support, Roon … with an unanswered answer. Of course, if McIntosh decides to integrate Ethernet connectivity, it will probably find some way to monopolize it to avoid technology copyright issues.

C49 can now be ordered on the McIntosh Labs website at a price of $ 5,000 ~ 117tr


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