Mazda3 completely new version in Vietnam has an automatic brake system error

After some big markets such as North America, the all-new Mazda3 has just launched in Vietnam and also has an automatic brake system error, making many users worried.

Accordingly, a customer who is using a Mazda3 2020 in Vietnam recently made a reflection on the situation that the car activates the automatic emergency braking system on the move without any obstacles in the front. Any object or obstacle. The information quickly received the attention of the majority of consumers and currently, the manufacturer THACO Mazda has recorded the related reports, and conducted a check on the above problem.

Mazda3 completely new version in Vietnam has an automatic brake system error

Mazda3 is the hottest model in the C-segment segment in Vietnam market

Specifically, the automatic braking feature (Smart Brake) on the Mazda3 2020 is one of the most outstanding equipment on this new version. This feature is included in Mazda’s famous i-ActivSense safety package to contribute to bringing modern and safe technologies on luxury cars to the lower segment.

In 2019, Mazda3 ranked 5th in the TOP 10 best-selling cars in the country with sales of 13,761 vehicles

Before Vietnam, some big and key markets in the world, such as North America, have announced the situation of automatic brake system failure (Smart Brake) on the new generation Mazda3. This problem could cause the Japanese automaker to make a decision to recall about 35,000 vehicles in North America to check the software.

Accordingly, many people using Mazda3 in North America recently have continuously reflected on the situation of their vehicle having an emergency braking system (Smart Brake). Specifically, the Mazda3 series of vehicles have the phenomenon of automatic braking, although there is no obstruction or any danger in the front. This has caused many customers of Mazda to be worried about the safety of the car, especially if the emergency braking function is stable or not.

In addition, many users also shared that, although before the emergency brake system (Smart Brake) of Mazda3 activated, it sent a signal to notify users by images and sound but it did not allow users to Intervene to prevent braking.

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