[May 1st Relaxation Festival]Changing these long-distance rides is not exhausting at all!

May 1st Relaxation Day-Normally work hard, ride your bike on May 1st

You who work hard, haven’t it been a long time to relax and ride a bike? Find a weekend with riders to go cycling!

The Webike editorial department specially recommends several modification categories that can make cycling more labor-saving, and reduce the fatigue of riding to the back pain.

Let you more enjoy the beauty of chasing the wind!

▼Recommended category (click directly)▼

1. Travel without backpack

2. Long distance butt is not sore

3. Relax your shoulders and control freely

4. You can adjust and pull easily

5. The output is in place and rides smoothly

6. Short feet and long feet do not need care

7. Ride easily without stress

Travel without backpack

It is inevitable to carry a backpack on a bicycle. Although it is the most convenient and fast to go out with a backpack, as the riding time is longer, the burden on the shoulders will also increase. Often after a journey, the shoulders and necks are sore. If there isRear shelf, Everything is tied up, there can be more load space!

Classification recommendation >>>Rear shelf

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Long distance butt is not sore

Longing for long-distance travel? But worry about riding sore butt? There are two options to improve!Replace it with something thicker than the original onecushion, Can make the hips have more support and cushioning, if the budget is limited or do not want to replace the entire cushion, you can considerCushion cover, Spending a small amount of money can greatly improve butt soreness

Classification recommendation >>>


Comfortable cushion cover

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Relax your shoulders and control freely

A handle that is too far forward or is of a low height can easily cause the upper body to lie down and feel tired. If you ride the handle for a long time, you will gradually feel the palm tingling after getting off the car.

Classification recommendation >>>

Handle kit-Height up or move the handle backwards, with the extension cord set in place at one time, allowing you to ride comfortably

Handle booster-The position of the original factory handle can also be reduced by raising the base to reduce the burden on the shoulders

Handle weight-Increase the weight at both ends of the handle to effectively reduce the vibration of the handle, no need to endure hand numbness

You can adjust it easily

Pulling and gripping the lever will feel particularly laborious, because the opening and closing angle of the lever does not match your palm. Another problem with sore hands comes from the rigid feel of the control clutch

Classification recommendation >>>

Brake, clutch lever-The opening of the lever can be adjusted, open as much as you want, super easy to pull~

Hydraulic clutch-The clutch lever is pinched up and feels Q bombs

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The output is in place and rides smoothly

The original factory setting is usually to obtain the most suitable intermediate value for all riders. However, 100 riders will have 100 riding styles. In order to make the power output characteristics match their riding habits, the transmission modification can be closer to the ideal feeling. Gear ratio gets smoother acceleration, or tail speed with better extensibility

Shop now >>>Front and rear sprocket, chain sprocket set

Short feet and long feet don’t need care

The original design cannot fully conform to everyone’s body shape, and everyone’s riding habits and preferences are also different.

Adjustable front and rear high and low positions can help find the right position without awkward cornering.

Afraid of reversing when parking? Feel that the car can’t stop without the center pillar? Replacement of height-adjustable side pillars can allow vehicles with modified front and rear suspension to find a suitable parking angle; center pillars are usually found on street cars, and the optional center pillar is even more suitable for some cars that do not have a center pillar. The gospel can make people feel at ease to park the car.

Shop now >>>

Adjustable side column, optional center column

Pedal back

Ride without stress

What kind of car is still hesitant to buy if you want to ride easily? There are suitable choices for white, yellow and red cards at all levels. Here we recommend three models for everyone.

Corresponding car model modified parts go shopping immediately >>>

Monkey125 modified parts
MT-03 modified parts
CB650R modified parts

Install these long-distance rides without fatigue at all. The designated classification points are 15 times!

Source “Webike magazine”

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