Mauricie Guilty of threatening the mayor of Louiseville

Mauricie Guilty of threatening the mayor of Louiseville

The man who verbally assaulted the mayor of Louiseville and his wife was convicted of criminal harassment on Friday.

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The accused, Michel Lacoursière, of course the judge ordered a stay of proceedings on the two counts of death threats against the mayor Yvon Deshaies. However, it does not seem that the weight of the verdict is reduced thereby.

“We had a different version. Telling you that it’s satisfying that there is only one count he’s convicted of, the answer is no. But it is the judge’s decision and we must respect it, ”commented Mr. Lacoursière’s lawyer, Me Stéphane Roof.

From the outset, the judge had underlined the difficulty in deciding when he was faced with two contradictory versions. According to his analysis, Mr. Lacoursière, aged 52, did not pass the test of credibility and reliability.

“For the Tribunal, the accused is not honest,” said the judge in his decision.

The mayor of Louiseville attended the hearing with his wife. He was relieved of the judgment. “I tell you one thing, I will not endure anything more. We must not flinch. If we fall to the ground, it’s over. So we encouraged each other and I went to the end, ”said Mayor Yvon Deshaies when he left the court.

In the summer of 2019, the mayor and his wife had been targeted by threatening comments, launched from the neighboring property belonging to the accused. Following this episode, a complaint was filed with the police.

The culprit will receive his sentence later. He will eventually have to undergo a second trial, because he allegedly reoffended against the mayor in mid-January, in Louiseville, while he was awaiting his judgment.


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