Mauricie A conspiratorial chiropractor admits his guilt


A chiropractor from Mauricie, who welcomed his clients without a mask, without hand sanitizer and questioning the current pandemic, admitted to having neglected to put in place the appropriate measures to fight COVID.

Last May, the Dr Philippe R. Landry was the subject of a complaint from a client of his clinic in Saint-Félix-de-Valois because he did not wear a mask during the treatments he was providing. In order to validate everything, the syndic of the Ordre des chiropraticiens du Québec had contacted the doctor, in particular to remind him of the sanitary measures.

The Dr Landry had, however, “confirmed that he was not wearing a mask” in addition to invoking “certain conspiracy theories” during the conversation. The latter had all the same indicated that he would amend, but a new complaint was made in June.

The chiropractor then said that “the threat caused by COVID was not real”. The trustee therefore dealt with an investigator who went to see on the spot that the sanitary measures were not respected, that he was not wearing a mask and that there was no disinfectant for his hands.

Another complaint was filed, after the doctor said the Covid was a “conspiracy to flip people”. Faced with the seriousness of the situation, the syndic had qualified the doctor’s actions as “danger to the public” and had requested his temporary radiation.

Plead guilty

To avoid the closure of his clinic, the chiropractor had signed a written commitment stating that he would respect the rules, but the latter was still accused of having neglected to take all means to prevent the spread of COVID. In audience, Tuesday, the Dr Landry pleaded guilty, hoping to get a reprimand for his actions.

The syndic’s lawyer did not see the situation in the same way, considering that the “credibility” of the system of professional orders was at stake. According to Me Anthony Battah, this is the first decision of its kind in matters of professional law since the start of the pandemic.

“We cannot speak of a conspiracy” and “we cannot expose the population to situations which are against health. It is contrary to the fundamental values ​​of a health professional ”, pleaded Mr.e Battah. He is therefore asking for a three-month delisting for these “serious offenses”.

In reply, the lawyer for the chiropractor argued that his client was “an old surly” who took note of the situation “late”. The Disciplinary Council took the decision under advisement.



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