Attending Cong Hoa Cong Cong Cong Cong Cong Cong Cong Cong Cong Cong Cong Cong Hoa, at least 12 people are known to wear 1Soldiers of the Democratic Republic Congo Patrol in the village of Manzalaho near Beni after an attack by an Islamic armed group called “Allied Democracy Forces” (ADF) on February 18, 2020. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

According to local sources on February 7, rebels from an Islamic armed group known as the “Allied Democratic Forces” (ADF) attacked a village in North Kivu province in the eastern Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Congo, killing at least 12 people.

Donat Kibuana in charge of the Beni region of North Kivu province said the ADF rebels had massacre the farmers of Mabule village right in their fields.

According to a network of local civil society groups, at least 8 men and 4 women have suffered from “these terrorist element ADF “murdered.

[Thảm sát tại Cộng hòa Dân chủ Congo khiến 46 người Pygmy thiệt mạng]

Meanwhile, an unnamed source in the area said 14 bodies of the victim had been found and more people were missing after the attack.

The ADF is a group Muslim rebels, was established in 1990 in Uganda. This group has expanded to the Democratic Republic of the Congo since 1995.

ADF rebels are accused of murdering hundreds of civilians in North Kivu and southern Ituri province in retaliation for the Democratic Republican army’s raid campaigns by the end of 2019.

From November 2019 to now, more than 1,200 people have been murdered in the Beni area in North Kivu./.

Minh Chau (VNA / Vietnam +)