Mass Effect Trilogy: Vinyl Collection

The Shepard trilogy has barely (re) landed in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition that to celebrate this resurrection, the publisher SpaceLab9 and the distributor Just For Games have just announced a sumptuous vinyl box set of the trilogy for fans, and others.

It is thanks to a press release, then to an announcement on Twitter, that we were able to have a first glimpse of the vinyl collection, with its magnificent white background and the N7 logo cut out on the front of the box. This Collector’s Edition is available for pre-order now and will include 85 tracks from the trilogy specially remastered to live up to the vinyl format.

The collector’s box will include:

  • Four colored vinyls in a shade between red and plum.
  • The Deluxe quadruple LP pouch with spot UV and red and black metal stamping.
  • A rigid cardboard box with red and black metallic marking.
  • Remastered audio tracks.

Just For Games is not at its first attempt in terms of publishing OST, since the company had already ensured the pressing of vinyls exclusive to France (in original colors) with the soundtracks of Skyrim, The Witcher or even Dark Souls. Their work was then of exceptional quality, let’s hope that it will be the same for this box set soberly titled Mass Effect Trilogy – Vinyl Collection.

With no less than four vinyls for 85 titles by composers of great talent (Jack Wall, Sam Hulick, Richard Jacques, David Kates…), this box will not only delight fans, but also music lovers in the broad sense. The work of the music composition team on the trilogy was incredible at the time of its release, and still is today. From iconic music (the theme of the Trouble Man) to lesser-known but nevertheless very high-end tracks (The Wards), the soundtrack of Shepard’s epic is undoubtedly a major work.

WayĂ´ Records expands its range with the OST of the anime Megalobox

Mass Effect Trilogy – Vinyl Collection will be available on February 25, 2022. Pre-orders are already open on the Fnac site.

Pending the release of this OST, and our future test on Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, do not hesitate to immerse yourself in Shepard’s odyssey thanks to our files which have been dedicated to him!


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