Marvel’s Avengers reveals its first character: Gray Hulk

After a while of waiting, finally the hottest superhero blockbuster at the moment – Marvel’s Avengers has announced information about the first character. The name chosen by Square Enix to send gold is Hulk.

Not only has a blue identity (Savage Hulk), Marvel’s Avengers will introduce players a different shape called "Gray Hulk". As described, the Gray Hulk is an evil, cunning personality that once hid inside Bruce Banner. Interestingly, the original "saint" comic Stan Lee wanted The Hulk to be gray. But because the ink that day had a problem, he was able to change to the current green color. These two big names often compete for control of the doctor's mind. Despite being physically inferior to his colleague, the Gray Hulk is smarter and calmer mentally.

Marvel’s Avengers reveals the first character: Gray Hulk - Photo 1.

It is known that Marvel's Avengers will be an adventure, action game, supporting up to 4 players. Each player controls a different hero, all set in a constantly expanding world. Basically, you will see Marvel's Avengers have many similarities with Destiny 2, The Division 2 and Spider-Man PS4.

Describing this game, PC Games said: "Marvel's Avengers is an innovative product in collaboration with Crystal Dynamics and Marvel Games. Combining game experience and cinematography, this will be an epic Avengers game. The experience in Marvel's Avengers will be maximized when you participate in the 4-person co-op game.Each one has a different superhero, with his own strength, will and destiny, all created a strong team to protect a world that is under constant threat. "

After Hulk, Marvel’s Avengers will continue to introduce other characters in the near future. As expected, Marvel's Avengers: A-Day will be released on May 15, 2020 on 4 PC platforms, XBox One, PS4 and Google Stadia.

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