Marvel at the "bullets" of water shooting down an archer's prey 2m away
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Marvel at the “bullets” of water shooting down an archer’s prey 2m away

Thanks to the special mouth structure, archers can create high pressure in the mouth to spray strong water jets at the insects on the trees and knock them down at a distance of 2m.

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Archers hunt fish

Archer fish is also known as anchovy shoots, Toxotidae. Bream shoots are not large, the average body length is about 18cm. This fish has a pointed head, wide mouth, elongated and flat body. Their bodies are disproportionate with a rather strong abdomen and lower jaw skeleton protruding forward.

Archers live in both salt and fresh water. In Vietnam, archers live in the lower reaches of major rivers in the Southern Delta.

Archers live both in salt and fresh water

Archers have a very special mouth structure. Muscles of the lower jaw are very strong and operate in the same way as muscles in a human arm when they want to throw an object away. This structure makes them able to create great pressure to shoot “water bullets” at their prey at a distance of 2m.

The peak hunting of archers

Archers can shoot “water bullets” at a speed of about 3.01m / s. In particular, this velocity increases gradually over time and when it hits the target, the “bullet” has reached a velocity of 3.27m / s.

This speed is enough to knock out small insects, leaving some birds stunned and giving the skin a stinging sensation like a needle.

Take a close look at the special hunting process of this archer fish.

Archers’ hunting method is very glorious. Because the light is bent when traveling from the air into the water, the image of prey that archers see from the water is only a virtual image. Archers do know that, but they still pinpoint their targets with the ability to accurately calculate the amount of space between the virtual image and the actual location of the prey.

Archers' hunting method is very glorious

From there, they will approximate the amount of water used to shoot the prey so that it still kills the target and avoids high damage.

Archers also calculate the effect of gravity on the water "bullet"

In addition, archers also calculate the influence of gravity on the “bullet” of water they shoot up to find the right angle to “shoot”. This will make the “bullet” more accurate.

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