Marshall unveils smaller voice speakers powered by Alexa

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Marshall is introducing a new type of speaker, called UxBridge, in its lineup of voice-driven smart speakers.

It’s the smallest voice speaker in the series, so it’s perfect for those who want to be more compact. As another option for the company, it is not entirely true that the device is not integrated with your home decor.

It also has Alexa support, so not only can you order it to perform actions such as adjusting the volume or skipping tracks, but you can also bid when controlling various smart home products. Such as lamps and thermostats.

UxBridge will use the same iconic style as the Marshall brand and will be available in two different colors. black and white. With the development of smart speakers in terms of cost, UxBridge is neither cheap nor expensive. This is not the case, at least when compared to some of the cheapest and most expensive options.

Marshall UxBridge voice speakers retail for $ 199

When speakers are available starting April 8, it will cost $ 199. You will be able to pick it up from Marshall’s own website (and possibly Amazon).

Marshall will also produce and publish a Google Assistant model of UxBridge. Although it won’t be available until June 11, this year, if you like the version, you have to wait a few more months.

Marshall also produced a set of Bluetooth-enabled headsets supported by Google Assistant, which were released in February. Called Monitor II ANC. They have excellent sound quality, so if the audio on UxBridge resembles them, you will be satisfied.

Connect it to other Alexa speakers for a multi-room sound system

Get people over and want to make sure that music is playing in every room at the same time? With Marshall UxBridge, you can have it.

It works with other Alexa-enabled speakers, including Amazon Echo, to provide a multi-room audio system. This way, you can make sure your music is synced between rooms, whenever and wherever.

Maybe you are at home alone, just walking around the house in a different room doing housework. But you still want to hear the music playing in each room. As long as you have other speakers to connect, it will do just that.

Speakers can be controlled by voice, but they do not have to be. The brass buttons on the top let you adjust volume, bass, treble and play / pause. If needed, there is even a physical Alexa voice button.

In addition to connecting via Bluetooth, you can also play tracks via Wi-Fi, Spotify Connect and Airplay 2.

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