Marketing Decoding | Making New Year's Eve videos, teaming up to lead red envelopes, the Spring Festival Gala has become a "test ground" for Douyin social

Marketing Decoding | Making New Year’s Eve videos, teaming up to lead red envelopes, the Spring Festival Gala has become a “test ground” for Douyin social

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In the 2021 Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Ox, Douyin joined CCTV for the second time and became the exclusive red envelope interactive partner. Compared with the wonderful achievement of DAU soaring to 400 million during the cooperation in 2019, the DAU has exceeded 600 million Douyin at this time. In terms of user growth, the room to play is already limited.

According to data released by Douyin, this year’s Douyin Spring Festival Gala red envelope interaction volume reached 70.3 billion, and the cumulative number of viewers in the live broadcast room reached 1.2 billion. To compare with Kuaishou, last year Kuaishou Spring Festival Gala issued 1 billion red envelopes, and the number of red envelope interactions reached 63.9 billion. The total number of viewers in the live broadcast was 780 million.

Douyin’s new business, closed-loop e-commerce and friend tags that carry social functions, started last year. Even though both businesses are in the initial exploration period, they naturally become the focus of Douyin’s promotion during the Spring Festival Gala.

In the five red envelopes Yukou broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala host, the interactive introduction of the Spring Festival Gala red envelopes at the bottom of the TV screen and the introduction of the “Members’ Hometown Year” red envelope activity in the Douyin app, social-related vocabulary such as “video for New Year greetings” and “friends” were Mentioned many times.

Douyin Spring Festival Evening Red Packet Rain

In addition to grabbing red envelopes during the Spring Festival Gala, Douyin also set up interactive links during the Spring Festival, such as taking videos to get red envelopes, pulling friends to team up to receive red envelopes, watching intra-city videos and live broadcasts to receive red envelopes, and receiving new year goods at low prices.

With the huge traffic of the Spring Festival Gala, Douyin has the opportunity to show users its social gameplay, guide more ordinary people to shoot videos, and establish acquaintances and interact on Douyin.

Up to now, 75 million people have filmed New Year’s greeting videos on Douyin, and 18 million have participated in friends teaming up to receive red envelopes. These are small numbers compared to 600 million DAU. For Douyin, which lacks social genes, this is just the beginning.

Compared with payment and e-commerce, Douyin Spring Festival Gala wants to push social

From 20:00 on February 11 to 00:30 on February 12, Douyin opened five red packets during the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala. From the first to the fifth, the maximum amount of red envelopes that users can receive gradually increases.

Social networking has become the highlight of the Douyin Spring Festival Gala. Three out of the five red envelope Yukou broadcasts made by the host of the Spring Festival Gala mentioned the interaction of “shooting cloud video New Year’s greetings”, guiding users to send Tik Tok short video greetings and grab red envelopes. Douyin also prepared more than 50 special effects and mini games for New Year greetings before the Spring Festival to encourage New Year greetings through short videos to deliver New Year greetings.

Before the Spring Festival Gala, Douyin once put on its own payment channel “Tik Tok Pay”, which once triggered speculation that the focus of this year’s Douyin Spring Festival Gala’s publicity was on payment and e-commerce business. In the Spring Festival Gala red envelope interaction, in addition to the routine operation of tying a card to withdraw cash, Douyin did not promote the Douyin payment too much. For the promotion of e-commerce business, only in the Spring Festival activities, users are encouraged to pay in Douyin stores. The price is rushing for the New Year goods, but nothing more is revealed.

TikTok wins red envelope interaction with video filming during the Spring Festival

Douyin issued a total of 2 billion red envelopes during the Spring Festival. In addition to the 1.2 billion red envelopes issued during the five Spring Festival Gala, Douyin has also set up interactive methods such as collecting lanterns, pulling friends to grab red envelopes, filming videos to receive red envelopes, signing in to grab low-priced new year goods, watching live broadcasts and receiving red envelopes in the same city to distribute the remaining 8 Billion.

Pulling friends to grab red envelopes and filming videos to receive red envelopes have very strong social attributes. To pull friends to grab red envelopes, you first need to team up with 5 friends. After the team is completed, you can participate in grabbing red envelopes. During the Spring Festival, users can receive up to three red envelopes per day by shooting short videos. Douyin uses red envelopes to motivate ordinary people to make video interactions. Watching intra-city videos to receive red envelopes also means promoting social interaction with strangers in the same city.

Friends team up to lead red envelopes

According to the data disclosed by Douyin, the total number of New Year’s Day videos has been played 50.6 billion times, and the New Year’s Day videos have received 6.2 billion likes. According to the real-time data displayed by the “member’s hometown year” in the Douyin app, the number of people participating in making New Year’s greetings video has now exceeded 75 million, and the number of people currently forming a team to receive red envelopes has exceeded 25 million.

New Year’s greetings on vibrato video

Judging from the data performance, based on its huge user scale, Douyin mobilized some users to shoot videos and send “Tik Tok Moments” during the Spring Festival.

Douyin uses the Spring Festival Gala to publicize social activities. On the other hand, WeChat, the number one player in the social field, is promoting its own video business through Chinese New Year red envelopes. WeChat launched the personal customized video red envelope function on New Year’s Eve. Users took a video and uploaded it to the video account. After collecting 10 likes, the video can be used as the cover of the red envelope and displayed when sending red envelopes to friends.

WeChat video account red envelope customization

Facing the raging WeChat video account, it has become a top priority for Douyin to seize the huge one-time traffic of the Spring Festival Gala to promote its own social services, continue to increase the scale of users, and increase user stickiness.

Douyin’s social ambitions

Douyin’s great emphasis on social networking can be traced back to the beginning of 2020, and DAU broke 100 million soon after the WeChat video account was launched. 36 Krypton learned that the Douyin team, which has always been very crisis-conscious, reached a strategic agreement at this time. The previous strategic differences were unified and classified as resistance and counterattack against WeChat video accounts.

During the 2018 Spring Festival, Douyin used to spend an average of about 4 million yuan a day in the investment budget, and bought drastically in all major channels. At the same time, with the help of celebrities’ red envelopes and live broadcast answers to low-cost customers. Once overtaking Kuaishou, Douyin will not allow the same thing to happen to him.

Six months after the WeChat video account launched an impact on Douyin, Douyin began to accelerate the improvement of social functions. In September 2020, Douyin launched the “Friends” tag for the first time and used it as a first-level entry to replace the “Same City” that was originally located next to the “Homepage”. Users can send text, pictures, videos and other daily activities through the “Friends” function. The overall function is like the Douyin version of Moments.

The Douyin “Circle of Friends” has been online for less than half a year, and its functions and publicity are in the early stage. The Spring Festival Gala red envelope activity provides a rare cold start opportunity for it to attract large-scale users to try it at the same time. It is also a test user’s likes and dislikes and collect feedback Perfect timing.

At the Geek Park 2021 Innovation Conference, Zhang Nan, the person in charge of Douyin, also focused on the social functions of Douyin. As the usage rate of Douyin increases, more and more people are using it to record some of their own. Daily life. At the same time, because Douyin was banned by Wei Envelope, users’ expression and interaction needs began to ferment within Douyin, which promoted Douyin’s social interaction. Zhang Nan sighed: “We still think of Douyin as small.”

In the open letter of the official announcement of the Douyin Spring Festival Gala, Zhang Nan also mentioned the current social data of Douyin: every day, half of the users will see the content of their friends on Douyin and interact with them.

However, Bytedance’s current attempts in the social field have not achieved obvious results. Douyin’s strong recommendation algorithm, strong content but weak relationship, is a typical scale effect product. On the contrary, WeChat, with a highly spontaneous community social environment, is a typical network effect product.

Whether it’s socializing with acquaintances as soon as you come up, or transitioning from socializing with strangers to socializing with acquaintances, Douyin socializing based on content is a difficult and protracted battle.


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