Marketing Decoding|Netease Cloud’s dominant color is on the screen again, personality test = traffic password?

Marketing Decoding|Netease Cloud’s dominant color is on the screen again, personality test = traffic password?

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Article|Edited by Ye Tingting|Qiao Qian

Gold, green, yellow, pink… Has your circle of friends been screened by NetEase Cloud Music’s “dominant color” H5 personality test yesterday?

Give you 8 pieces of music to choose the scenes and feelings you associate with, and you can get your personality dominant color. On the result display page, the most prominent is your dominant color, which can be a single color such as blue, green, pink, gold, or the addition of two colors. Of course, no matter what your color is, the conclusion that the screen is full of beautiful words is enough to make you feel the favor of being praised by the crowd.

“Dominant Color” Personality Test Questions Intercepted Fragments

Although, the carnival in the circle of friends has not been full of fun, Tencent took the initiative to block the test page. But soon, NetEase Cloud Music replaced the “Scan and Test” QR code at the bottom of the test results page with “Come to NetEase Cloud Music, search for’color'”, and gave some guidance for its own APP. Wave flow.

After all, NetEase is making explosives in Tencent’s position, so naturally there must be a plan B that can be banned and blocked by Tencent at any time.

This time, NetEase Cloud Music Marketing has achieved a lot. Outside of the visible circle of friends, the hashtag #网易云人格主色# has also appeared on Weibo hot searches, with 300 million views and 34,000 discussions.The nationwide entertainment carnival transferred from Moments of Friends to Hot Search on Weibo is another success of NetEase Cloud Music in personality test marketing, and it is also a perfect harvest of private and public domain traffic.

From “Your Jungian Psychological Archetype” in collaboration with the Fifth Personality in 2018, to “M2 Psychological Painting to Draw Your Subconsciousness” in collaboration with M2 Creative Studio in 19, to the Listening Song Report in 2020, and to today’s 19th “Your character dominates the color” co-authored by the creative studio, NetEase Cloud Music has always been recognized as a popular H5 maker in Moments of Friends.

Behind the explosions are marketers’ keen insight into market users’ psychology, a deep grasp of the laws of communication, and a precise grasp of users’ “little passions”.

The traffic password behind the personality test

Can a random personality test be able to make a splash? Not at all. Then why can the dominant color of Netease Cloud Music this time form such a big wave of dissemination?

First of all, from the product itself of the dominant color H5,In fact, it is an entertainment tool whose appearance is packaged as a professional psychological test, but in fact it is a randomly generated rainbow fart discourse.

At the bottom of the test, the dominant color is marked in small letters “Conclusions based on the book “The Most Accurate Personality Color Measurement Tool” by American psychologist Tom Maddron.” Just citing the name of a psychologist who is “unclear” is enough to coax some users.

Secondly, users are boasted, and they are naturally willing to share. Take a closer look at the character descriptions: “translucent stars on the horizon”, “extraordinary pioneers of wisdom”, “sun born in summer”, “diamonds with brilliance”, etc., and then to the more detailed description “insight”, “Romantic gene”, “magic”, “leader”, “gentle breath” and so on. Different from the previous personality test’s “both good and bad”, this test report all praises you vigorously with gorgeous rhetoric and positive words.

Third, this so-called personality test itself uses ambiguous vocabulary to achieve self-labeling. From a psychological point of view, this phenomenon is called the Barnum effect, which generally refers to people’s tendency to believe that a general, general description of personality is particularly suitable for him. This effect can also be used to explain many common phenomena on the Internet, such as fortune-telling, divination, horoscopes, and psychological tests.

This kind of self-labeling is also the affirmation of self-identification by online groups in the face of the complex world, and the hope of obtaining recognition from the circle of friends after pressing the share button.

Fourth, the dominant color this time also adds a small design with social attributes. In the last line of the report, use “colors that will attract you” and “colors that please keep your distance”, which is like a constellation pairing in astrology. However, from online feedback, this color of keeping distance seems to be a bit criticized. Some netizens said that this design is the “best” way to artificially create social isolation and generate prejudice and discrimination.

For marketing cases,Having a certain potential for stalking and a space for secondary creation is the key to achieving secondary dissemination and harvesting more traffic.In addition to the group of people who posted the report to get praise, another group of users turned on the self-deprecating mode and began to self-create the dominant color “color”, such as “music”, “lust”, “colorful”, etc. There was a wave of UGC craze on Weibo.

Fortune-telling metaphysics, a self-placebo for young people

From a psychological point of view, the dominant personality test of NetEase Cloud Music is exactly the same as the fortune-telling industry that has become popular on the Internet in recent years. Relying on the Barnum effect as well, the emergence of “metaphysics” in various images such as fortune-telling, divination, and tarot cards has also unveiled the tip of the iceberg in the fortune-telling industry.

The prophecies are inherently ambiguous, and some of them take a long time to come true. Most fortune tellers are half-trusted, and even more as their own emotional sustenance. These so-called “superstitions” that were once scorned by young people have now become self-placebos for many young people in the overworked society.

However, “superstition” and “faith” are often blurred, and it is easy to touch the red line of Internet superstition.

No, just when the dominant color evaluation is in full swing, the scan link on the WeChat end has shown that the web page is stopped. In addition to unreasonable competition among enterprises, the outcome of the ban on the WeChat platform of leading people is also the dilemma encountered by other similar evaluations. Therefore, in order to avoid the restrictions of major platforms on keywords such as “fortune-telling” and “feudal superstition”, fortune-telling and fortune-telling turned into an emotional counselor, emphasizing emotional services.

At present, there are three types of assessments for screen-swiping in Moments: psychological testing, avatar cross-dressing, and behavior summary. Avatar change, such as the “Yanxi Palace” change of P picture every day, behavior summary such as Alipay’s annual bill, NetEase Cloud Music’s listening song report.

The marketing of the leading sex psychology test is indeed a satisfactory answer. In this regard, psychology professionals do not need to demand the professionalism of their tests, after all, psychological tests can not get results by doing 8 multiple-choice questions. For netizens, having fun, showing yourself, and looking for identity groups is enough to become a social currency worth sharing.

However, blasting is only the first step in marketing. It is also something marketers need to think about to allow brands or products to occupy users’ minds to a greater extent, or to contribute off-site traffic to products. Not only let users remember their own “dominant color”, but also remember to produce “dominant color” NetEase cloud music, which may be more important.


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