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Market value Apple evaporates 9 billion USD after design director Jony Ive left – VnReview

Have you ever wondered how Jony Ive and his design talent are worth to Apple? Don't be shocked: at least 9 billion USD!

That is the amount of market value that Apple lost when its stock plummeted more than 1% in the extended session after the information that design director Jony Ive left to set up his own company, and Apple will be one of the key customers of that new company.

Jony Ive started to lead Apple's design team in 1996, and in 2012, he took over the company's software design business. This designer is one of the most important names at Apple during nearly 30 years of working here.

jony ive

"From his vision of the iMac, to the launch and incredible changes of the iPhone, Ive's mark has been embedded in Apple's core DNA."- analyst Daniel Ives writes -"Ive will leave a big gap at the company, and clearly his role is irreplaceable".


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