[March]Downloads in the domestic leisure market are sluggish, and parkour games appear frequently in overseas markets

In order to better understand the changes in the casual game market at home and abroad, Roski and App Annie launched the “Casual Game Market Analysis” column. The market data and changing trends monitored by App Annie, combined with the excellent new product information of the month, summarize and summarize the casual game market situation on a monthly basis, hoping to help practitioners obtain more market information.

Domestic iOS downloads have dropped significantly, the new iOS policy cannot be ignored

According to App Annie data, the total number of casual game downloads in the Chinese market in March was 25.58 million, a 41% decrease from the previous month (iOS only). Among them, decryption/brain teasers, parkour/competition and Chinese chess are the top three downloads, accounting for 9.93%, 9.5%, and 6.88%.

The decrease in downloads and the end of the Spring Festival file are one of the reasons, but the increase in CPI caused by the new iOS policy cannot be ignored. When the marketing budget is limited, the increase in CPI will reduce the number of customers, and the new policy will affect the accuracy of purchases, making it difficult to obtain high-quality users. Therefore, advertisers may reduce the iOS budget and further shift their focus to the Android side.

(Top 10 casual game downloads in the domestic App Store in March) (Data: App Annie)

No hot new product placement for the whole month of March + simulation operation popularity continues

The decrease in total downloads also reflects the appearance of games with no suction. In terms of products, no new products appeared in the top 10 casual games downloaded in March, which means that no new hot products appeared for a whole month. Looking at the new casual games launched in March, there are only 9 products that can make it to the top 30 of the free list, and 3 of them are online earning games.

However, the popularity of placement + simulation business games in the domestic market remains high, at least for manufacturers. Among the products that entered the Top 30 in March, both “Legendary Automobile Company” and “I Want to Be a Principal” are placed + simulated operations.

The game theme of “Legend Motor Company” is a 4S store. Players earn income through continuous operation, and then recruit more employees, improve work efficiency, upgrade store decoration, and increase store prosperity to obtain more income. When the store operation meets specific requirements, it can open more branches, sell new vehicles, and eventually become a car tycoon.

“I want to be a principal” is based on the theme of running a school. Players can make more money by continuously expanding the school, increasing the infrastructure, and recruiting more students.

It can be seen that the gameplay and content of the current placement + simulation business games are gradually converging, which leads to the differentiation of themes will become the focus of such games. Whether you can find themes that absorb volume will have a greater probability of success in the game. Impact.

In addition to the above two products, the top 30 new products in March also include the “Hand Gear Racing King” that simulates a manual transmission car. In the game, players continue to shift gears to increase the speed of the car, and the priority to reach the end is a victory. Here I want to talk about the localization of the game, the “free” upgrade button is particularly eye-catching.

The racing game “Crazy Bike-Extreme Riding”, the theme of the game is extreme bicycle sports. By restoring various terrains and scenes in extreme sports, it brings players a more realistic gaming experience.

The gameplay mixed product “Chong Chong Chong Chong Chong Chong” released by Baoliang Technology.

(Top 10 casual game downloads in the domestic App Store in March) (Data: App Annie)

Next, let’s look at the data of casual games in the U.S. market.

The total download volume is growing steadily, but the trend of two-end data is opposite

According to App Annie data, the total number of casual game downloads in the United States in March was 267 million, an increase of 2%, of which iOS was 151 million, an increase of 7%, and Google Play was 116 million, a decrease of 4%.

In terms of different platforms, the top 3 categories for iOS downloads are parkour/competition, decryption/brain teasers and simulation, accounting for 11.92%, 11.74% and 9.55% respectively.

(Top 10 casual game downloads in the US App Store in March) (Data: App Annie)

In terms of Google Play, parkour/competition, decryption/brain teasers and simulation also occupy the top three places. The difference is that the decryption/brain teasers rank first, and parkour/competition ranks second.

(Top 10 categories of casual game downloads on Google Play in the U.S. in March) (Data: App Annie)

Parkour new travel frequent solo travel counterattack has become a hot ultra-casual

Looking specifically at the product situation, among the top 10 products downloaded in March, “911 Emergency Dispatcher” is a new product on the list, which is a simulation game. The game scene is a 911 operator who uses the information provided by the alarm to determine whether it is a prank or a real problem, and selects the vehicle that sends the police based on the problem encountered.

In addition, among the new products on the list in March, parkour games still appear frequently. For example, “Happy Printer” is a typing + parkour game. All the cards in the game are related to typing, but there are many forms of levels, such as typing forward, typing breakthrough obstacles, looking at pictures and talking.

In addition to the core gameplay of Parkour, “Bounce Big” adds a new type of stacking element to increase the character’s physique by collecting props so that the next character can be played farther on the trampoline.

“Shoe Race” is a creative parkour game. There are different types of tracks in the game levels. Players need to change different shoes according to the difference of the tracks in order to achieve the best forward speed.

And the theme and background of the game “Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!” released by King are taken from the classic game Crash Bandicoot, and a new story is told in the form of a parkour game. The game screen is clear and bright, the environment scene is rich in details, the character modeling is lively and lively, coupled with the familiar parkour gameplay, to bring players a familiar and fresh game experience.

In addition, there is a special product “Shoal of fish”. This game was initially an independent game, but the product’s list results have been unknown. Later, it was discovered by the release manager of Crazy Labs. Through the communication between the two parties, the optimization and improvement of the game eventually became an independent game counterattack and became a classic case of explosive ultra-casual. Details: CPI0.11$! How the free-to-play independent game has become a popular casual game.

(Top 10 casual game downloads in the US App Store in March) (Data: App Annie)

(Top 10 casual game downloads on Google Play in the U.S. in March) (Data: App Annie)

Source: Roski
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