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Many Vietnamese gamers are broken PC glass cases because of … Tet


The coming New Year is the opportunity for people to decorate their houses to welcome a new year that is clean, clean and lucky. With the gaming community, many people also cleaned and cleaned the gaming corner as well as the PC, PS4, and Nintendo gaming machines. This is completely normal and should be done for us to have a nicer, cleaner and more motivated gaming space in the new year.

However, it is this gaming corner cleaning that makes many gamers have a headache because of the “broken PC glass case”. As you can see in the image below, the glass cover of a computer case has crumbled during cleaning.

Basically, the construction of computer case glass panels is extremely weak, even for expensive cases. The poor bearing capacity results in just a few small bumps that can cause glass to crack and break. Not only that, a serious mistake that many gamers make is that after removing the glass for cleaning, the screw is too tight. This greatly increases the risk of glass breakage.

The broken glass cases like this are often quite dangerous for users, especially children. The sweet sharp glass fragments are capable of firing away, causing injury to those around them.

Many Vietnamese gamers are broken PC glass cover because of ... Tet - Photo 2.

To prevent the above unfortunate problems, you can do the following:

– Note when removing the glass cover for cleaning, do not screw the screw too tightly. This will increase the risk of the glass breaking.

– Keep the case in a well-ventilated place, avoid impact or movement.

– If there are small children in the house, it is best to replace the glass with high quality mica plastic. Both have a high aesthetic effect like glass, and safe, not afraid of breaking.

– Use the software to monitor CPU temperature when in use. Avoid the extreme heat from the case will also break the glass.


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