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Many Samsung users complain of being "spammed" too much by the Galaxy Note 10

As soon as the Galaxy Note 10 duo and Note 10+ are officially released, we can easily see them in most media.

However, a series of users recently complained about being "spammed" about the Galaxy Note 10 series too much in the past few days.

Specifically, according to the shared information from the Androidpolice site, some users went to Twitter to complain that there are at least 3 pre-installed applications showing ads about Galaxy Note 10, including Samsung Pay, Bixby and Samsung Push service.

In it, Bixby wants you to ask about Note 10, Samsung Pay will add points when you see the product page of the phone and Samsung Push Service displays an advertisement banner for Note 10. Affected phones include Galaxy S10e , Note 9 and many other Galaxy devices.

In addition, what makes users feel annoyed is that Samsung is making it more difficult to turn off ads and suggestions in Bixby than ever before, forcing users to go straight inside Bixby settings. To do this, we need to open Bixby, click on the menu icon on the right corner to go to Settings> Marketing Notice.

Sforum - Latest technology information page of optical-high-Galaxy-Note-10-2 Many Samsung users complained about being "spammed" too much of the Galaxy Note 10

Actually, this is not the first time Samsung has sent ads to its Galaxy users. Previously, this Korean manufacturer had sent ads to users about the Galaxy S6 + Edge in 2015, "pre-installed game optimization service" was used to advertise the game. 2017 and Galaxy S9 ads appeared last year. And this received a lot of mixed opinions from the community about Samsung's "annoying" marketing campaign.

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