Many Samsung phones in Vietnam suddenly
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Many Samsung phones in Vietnam suddenly “die” | Samsung phones will be repaired free of charge |

In the morning of 23/5/2020, many Samsung people in Vietnam market reflected the situation of their phones being faulty simultaneously.

Accordingly, when turned on, these phones automatically run straight into the recovery screen and report errors. Some users also said that they could not turn off or restart the computer.

A serious incident has just happened with many Samsung phones in Vietnam market.

The above-mentioned problem occurred mainly with Samsung’s Galaxy J 2018 series, namely Galaxy J4 + and Galaxy J6 +. In addition, a few devices of the Galaxy A 2019 series encounter the same situation.

Why do many Samsung phones experience the same error?

According to Mr. Nguyen Hoang Chuong – Software expert of TekCafe forum, the above problem is most likely coming from the conflict of software update (firmware). More specifically, it could be a data conflict in time since this year is a leap year.

The fact that only certain machines and models have the above problem is due to the ROM version in the user’s device being too old or because they rarely update the device, Mr. Chuong said.

This expert is also the one who has successfully rooted the new version of BPhone, which was released in 2015, despite the manufacturer’s claims that it cannot be rooted.

Many Samsung phones in Vietnam suddenly
The aforementioned problem caused some Samsung phones to hang on their recovery screens. If handled incorrectly, users risk losing data.

To solve this problem, if you have some technical knowledge, users can fix the error themselves by using Odin software to reload the latest firmware.

However, according to Mr. Chuong: Users should not delete the data when updating Odin. To retain data, in section csc, users select home_csc file. If you choose the wrong, it is easy to “die” because you have to download the firmware, not automatically. “.

“Another way is to use smart switch software, but if not smart, it will easily lose all data,” Mr. Chuong said.

According to this expert, because the device is hanging at the recovery screen, it is impossible for the manufacturer to support software updates via the OTA protocol. Therefore, if you do not feel confident enough to fix the device, users should take it to a repair facility or a large retail system to minimize unnecessary risks.

Many Samsung phones in Vietnam suddenly
Some stores have reported that there is a tool to fix bugs for the Galaxy J 2018 series.

Samsung phones will get free error correction

According to the representative of the retail chain CellphoneS, in the morning of 23/5, this unit recorded many users having trouble with some product lines. Samsung phones.

Talking to the manufacturer, the retailer said the problem did not occur with all Samsung phones. These models are mainly faulty in the old Galaxy J series, specifically the Galaxy J 2018.

Regarding the remediation work, this unit is undertaking to receive the problems of both those who have purchased or have never bought the device at the store. This retail system prioritizes fixing errors for devices of the Galaxy J 2018 series because there is a tool fix. The repair of errors of this series will be made completely free.


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