Many people do not realize that Apple is not a buyer's item, but extremely practical - Photo 1.

Many people do not realize that Apple is not a buyer's item, but extremely practical

It can be said that any kind of device or device can be divided into two types: the type of purchase because it needs – extremely practical and useful, and the type of purchase because of it – the likes may not be practical. .

For example, in the car field, I think that Honda Wave cars are among the most realistic. They are fuel-efficient, durable, inexpensive replacement parts, and most of all can be used to move. On the other side is SH or LX. They are beautiful and somewhere is still considered a symbol of luxury. But they are especially in the aspect of "burning gasoline" and rather expensive parts, though ultimately only used to move like Wave cars.

The difference in practicality here can be indicated by a simple question: if your piece of clothing depends on the cars (ie, if you run Grab or GoViet for example), you will choose Wave or SH? The answer is not difficult to see.

Apple is the SH or LX?

Apple has always been known for creating beautiful things, but lacking in practicality.

Speaking of Apple, many people still think iPhone or Mac is like SH or LX: people buy because they like, because they are beautiful, because they are "happy", not because of reality. Whether design, performance or stability can be a controversial topic, it is obvious what iPhone can do, Android smartphones can do … On the PC field, Macs can't even play games otherwise install … Windows. In the same configuration, Macs can be twice as expensive, three times more than Dell or HP laptops.

But there is one thing that few people realize: just like Grab runners or GoViet "must" choose Wave instead of SH, sometimes choose Mac is a practical choice for those who have a dependency on the device they choose. Because of work, they were forced to choose Apple.

The simplest example is the note … At the Galaxy S7 edge launch event, right in the middle of the shooting frame Mark Zuckerberg with a "village" Galaxy S7 edge attached Gear VR is a MacBook. ie at the launch event Android, MacBook is also full, both on stage and below, at the Microsoft event, the reporter also used MacBook.

Many people do not realize that Apple is not a buyer's item, but extremely practical - Photo 2.

Google engineers also show off the MacBook at the event for Android.

For reporters, a little trouble on laptops also makes their work and income affected. And they choose Apple, because first of all, they need the most stable device, less likely to malfunction in the middle of the event. If you are Google, do you want to use Windows laptop (or ChromeBook) to display new features of Android and then make the audience sit and wait for the complie code with … runtime error?

Piece of rice

There are many examples to show you why Apple may be a mandatory option for people who use the machine to "get rice". You can see many DJs still use MacBooks. The reason is not just to show off, but also because they need a machine that will not have a problem during the show. Similarly, many event organizers I know use MacBook just to run the slide. Those are so simple needs that surely Windows machines will definitely meet, but they choose Apple because Apple is valuable but only them – those who are based on that value – look out.

I even got a friend from a doctor who asked me how to install MacOS on Razer laptop, because simply foreign doctors who come to exchange experiences with me use MacBook (and Keynote) but not PowerPoint on my laptop. PC.

Many people do not realize that Apple is not a buyer's item, but extremely practical - Photo 3.

Knowledgeable users will not accept unsafe, non-updated experiences.

With iPhone, Tim Cook is not without any reason to repeat "privacy". Nature is a closed garden, apparently iOS (and iPad OS) is less problematic than Android. Many tech companies that I know even require employees to sign a commitment not to sideload app on Android!

Technology users using the iPhone are also many. In this day and age, the phone can concentrate a lot of sensitive information – information that users should not share widely: CMT numbers, money in accounts, photos with relatives, photos at companies v … v … With the exception of Samsung and the Knox platform, no Android manufacturer actually has a move to protect their smartphones.

Apple for career

Many big players in B2B field such as IBM, SAP, Deloitte, Cisco, Accenture even focus on developing platforms and applications for iOS. That is, if you work for a company using IBM or SAP systems / platforms, your work experience will be improved if you use iOS instead of Android.

Many people do not realize that Apple is not a buyer's item, but extremely practical - Photo 4.

Netizens don't see Apple's value, but IBM (or SAP, Cisco, GE …) does.

Why do these big guys choose Apple? Why do they force their own customers to choose Apple? Because they know the security risks on Apple are much lower. They know the usage time of an Apple device is higher than an Android device. For example, the iPhone 6 is using the latest operating system for five years in a row, and thus the cost of supporting their old software is also minimized. At the end of the depreciation period, iPhone liquidation also sells for a higher price than Androidu. Every reason here is completely realistic, is the requirement attached to money, success or failure – not to "face" on Facebook.

Back to the MacBook. With the same processing method, Final Cut on the MacBook can take 1/5 of the time compared to any application on Windows, including Premier Pro. Along with the code, Google wrote instructions (tutorial) for Android Studio with Mac, not PC Windows or ChromeBook laptop. Google deployed more than 40,000 Macs for employees.

Look for images of employees at major technology companies like Uber, Netflix, AWS and you will see the MacBook image appear. Look for images of code craft myths like Kent Beck, Martin Fowler, Alistair Cockburn or "Uncle Bob" Martin and you'll see them appear next to Macs. Search for images of classes at MIT, Caltech or Stanford and you'll also see Mac again …

Many people do not realize that Apple is not a buyer's item, but extremely practical - Photo 5.

Funny story: The father of the Internet uses Mac, Internet residents, criticizing Apple as a device for … blind technology.

According to the online community, this must be a paradox. According to them, Apple is reserved for technology blind, showing off. Apple has no practicality. But the truth is quite the opposite: Apple goods have a lot of practical value, it is another thing for people to have enough knowledge to recognize those values.

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