Many Japanese businesses are making a lot of money thanks to "technology" to cool masks - VnReview

Many Japanese businesses are making a lot of money thanks to “technology” to cool masks – VnReview

Japanese people are afraid of two things going up simultaneously this summer: the temperature and the number of Covid-19 cases. Fortunately, the country’s innovative producers have found the answers for both.

From mint sprays to cool masks, many Japanese businesses are “eating and drinking” at a time of the harsh summer heat that makes it harder for people in a pandemic. With the mentality that can reduce the risk of heat stroke, many customers are willing to spend money on anything that would make their masks more comfortable to use during rising temperatures.

Big Bio, a developer and producer of household goods, seized the opportunity last month when it started selling cooling sprays for masks. According to the company statement, the liquid in a 50ml bottle contains peppermint oil, which can lower the temperature of the mask to about 8 degrees C, but users will have to spray the product every 15 minutes to bring it back. fruit max. Big Bio is expected to produce 40,000 bottles this summer but has sold more than 30,000 products before.

Another sprayer made by Kitami Hakka Tsusho, a Hokkaido-based company, is also a hot commodity in the Japanese market. This mint-based spray is a sought-after consumer online for their mask-cooling needs.

A representative of the company said “sales of peppermint oil products have doubled or even tripled compared to last year”. Kitami is increasing production to 10,000 products a day, more than three times the usual amount.

In recent weeks, the rainy season usually starts around June and lasts until mid-July and has gradually ended in many parts of Japan. The temperature in this country is also slowly increasing. On Wednesday, 60% of the provinces recorded temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius.

Despite the scorching heat and humidity, many residents are determined to continue wearing masks amid concerns about a second wave of Covid-19 outbreaks.

Some sportswear manufacturers are also quick to release masks made from cool materials or with other cooling functions.

Sports equipment maker Yonex has introduced a plant-based fabric mask containing xylitol, which absorbs heat to fight moisture like sweat and gives users colds. cool feeling. Yonex has sold more than 90,000 masks and a representative of the company said “has faced a huge demand and is planning to increase production”.

Another sportswear maker Descente has teamed up with electronics maker Sharp to create a face protector with two compartments inside that can hold a cool pack. It’s designed to cool the blood vessels in the cheeks by 12 degrees Celsius, says Descente “considered adequate temperature to prevent an increase in body temperature”. The cooling effect will last about 20 minutes.

According to a survey conducted by healthcare device manufacturer Tanita, 75% of Japanese respondents said they would continue wearing a mask in the summer, 61% said they would wear a mask. even on extremely hot days and 42% say they will wear them even while running or exercising.

However, experts say there is no evidence that using these products prevents heat shock.

Kazunari Onishi, associate professor at Saint Luke’s International University, Tokyo, said: “The basic approach to preventing sunstroke is to stay hydrated by drinking water and getting a little salt, as well as maintaining body temperature regulation. Everyone should remember that there are no masks available. is so powerful that it can resist both bacterial transmission and prevent heat shock at the same time. It is best to wear a mask appropriately, depending on the environment “he said.

Jiang Yu (According to Nikkei)

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