Many Indian students and students check out for playing PUBG in public - Photo 1.

Many Indian students and students visit for playing PUBG in public

Buzzfeed News went into PUBG's extreme popularity in India, as well as the government's efforts to stop it.

The focus is that four boys were arrested for playing PUBG in public after a ban in Ahmedabad city.

Indian officials said that the major ban from PUBG has become a distraction factor for students and students. In addition, many parents accuse the game of instigating violence and aggression in children.

Doing everything to become the last survivor on the map is the main purpose of PUBG

Although not the first survival game, PUBG stirred the "battle royale" craze around the world. 100 players are dropped into an island with the main task of survival. They must pick up weapons, armor and supplies to become the last survivor. According to the Sensor Tower, mobile version of PUBG has collected over 65 million USD after only 3 months of release.

According to BuzzFeed, after the ban, police officers paid more attention to teenagers using smartphones in public places. Every grandchild who rotates across a smartphone and holds two hands is just like playing a game, and whether or not PUBG must come to know.

India's Gujarat state issued a ban on PUBG in early March, resulting in 10 students being arrested.

Many Indian students and students check out for playing PUBG in public - Photo 2.

Most of those arrested were only warned and fined a small amount, others had to spend several nights in prison for PUBG. Even if the penalties are not too serious, report by BuzzFeed indicates detention negatively affects the psychology of the offender, even causing discrimination in the community. However, Gujarati's cities like Ahmedabad and Rajkot eventually lifted the ban in April and May respectively.

This is a multicolored painting depicting the massive attack of mobile games when it is easily accessible to Indians, as well as how the government struggles to control negative developments.

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