Many gamers still have no money to buy RTX 2080, Nvidia has launched a powerful new Ampere VGA line - Photo 1.

Many gamers still do not have money to buy RTX 2080, Nvidia has launched a new powerful Ampere VGA line.

It can be affirmed that Nvidia's line of gaming RTX graphics cards has been very successful, almost completely redefining shading, anti-aliasing mechanisms … in the gaming world, turning 'virtual' honestly. more. With a new starting point from the end of 2018 and so far there have been quite a few samples from high-end to low-end, it can be seen that this Turing architecture is still not hot in the market. However, due to AMD's pressure on the RNDA line (Navi), Nvidia has had to speed up the production process much more than before.

In particular, the green giant recently revealed their new VGA line with Ampere architecture, scheduled to launch soon in 2020, not far away. In addition an accompanying information, which is of great interest to technology experts, is that Nvidia will switch to the new Samsung 7nm EUV machining process.

It is certain that Nvidia will continue to develop the more complete RTX technology on Ampere and make it less heavy than it is now. The Turing architecture has been and is being sold on the market can only run Ray Tracing at a stable level of about 30fps at 1080p resolution. Sure, Ampere will do a lot better, especially with highs like 4K or 8K.

In addition, with the use of the 7nm process on the Samsung 7nm EUV fab, this Ampere generation will be much stronger and much cooler, while eating less power, too delicious. Certainly gamers will like it because it is too beneficial, no need to spend money to buy big source anymore.

In fact, Nvidia is one of TSMC's long-term and loyal partners (also a world-famous chip manufacturing fab), but with this new GPU line they have switched to Samsung. There are many reasons for this such as cheaper prices, better technology … but they are of course not published.

Anyway, gamers should also 'accumulate rice' to buy this super powerful Ampere VGA line that is always good!

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