Manual computer drawing board for newbies

Manual computer drawing board for newbies

As a designer, it is important to use the tools in the most comfortable way to create the most free, soft lines. One of the most important tools that graphic designers use is the electronic graphic drawing board and the dedicated pen. For newbies, this takes time to get used to.

Today, Quantrimang will tutorial Use computer drawing board For beginners, avoid being surprised or making mistakes using.

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  • What are the parts of the computer drawing board?
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  • Note when using the computer drawing board for beginners

What are the parts of the computer drawing board?

Basically, an ordinary electronic drawing board will consist of 2 main parts touch screen (also called drawing screen) has the same structure as a touchpad controlled by one digital pen drawing or stylus.

Electronic board structure

Besides the main parts, the computer drawing board is also equipped with accessories to support the process of the working process. Computer drawing board accessories include:

  • The pen nib is used to replace damage or loss.
  • The connecting cable connects the drawing board to the computer.
  • The drawing-paste used to glue the screen helps protect and increase the durability of the screen surface and optimize your creative and user experience.
  • Drive the drawing board. For some Wacom drawing boards, when you buy the product, you will be given a CD with a driver in the box. However, the driver on the CD is usually older than the current driver, so you can download the latest driver from the drawing board to install it.

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Manual computer drawing board

Where to put the drawing board?

Use the electronic drawing board

The position of the drawing board is very important, it determines the posture and speed of use, especially for beginners. The best way to place your computer tablet is to draw it across the screen and in front of the keyboard.

This arrangement is easier for new users to the drawing board, making it easy to manipulate and use, as well as create the most comfortable posture. Once you have mastered it, you can change the position of the artboard as you like.

How to connect the drawing board to the computer

In general, whether you use Wacom, XP Pen or any kind of drawing board, to use it, you also perform the following steps:

Step 1: Download the Drive of the drawing board in the computer

Visit the main drawing board website to download the latest Drive. To download, select Drive compatible with the operating system that your computer uses Mac or Window. Perform the driver installation and startup like other regular applications.

Use the electronic drawing board

Step 2: Connect the computer to the drawing board

There are 2 methods to connect the drawing board to a computer: wireless connection and wired connection. Wireless connection is usually for tablet devices, or macbooks that support wireless connectivity via blutooth.

A wired connection is a cable that connects the drawing board directly to your PC. Usually, the cable (built-in to the drawing board) connects the drawing board to the computer via USB.

Step 3: Make custom and complete connections

After connecting, the computer will automatically run the appropriate drawing program. Click on the program and start customizing the additional settings for the pen and drawing board that you have completed the electronic drawing process for your computer.

How to hold pen to touch

Use the electronic drawing board

Many beginners often feel quite awkward holding a stylus. However, the most comfortable way to hold a stylus is the same as you would for a regular pen. How do you hold a ballpoint pen, you can hold a stylus like that. Typically, the most common and easy posture is to hold the pen between your index finger and thumb, the rest of the fingers can be placed on the artboard and moved.

How is using a stylus different from using a mouse?

Owning the same function as Mouse Mode (mouse), the stylus allows you to move, control the mouse pointer on the screen and select. However, one difference is that the stylus works based on a Pen Mode, which allows you to control the cursor on the computer screen by tapping the pen on the surface of the drawing board, rather than moving the screen pointer. with the tip of a pen.

How to navigate the pen and choose

Use the electronic drawing board

The tip of the pen works as a left click so, to select an item, you just need to click the pen tip on the item you need to select. If you want to open the folder, double click on it. If you want to move a folder, you will tap and hold the pen to the folder and move it to the location you want to place.

Finally, to select multiple items on your computer or in a folder, simply touch and hold to drag over the items you want to select.

How to use pen pressure?

What makes the electronic pen so special is its sensitivity. You can transform the operation of a tool based on the pressure of your pen.

Currently, on the market, specifically for the Wacom series, there are usually 3 basic types of pen drawing: Bambo pen with 512 pressing force, common pen with 1024 pressing force and the most advanced pen line is the Pro pen with 2048 pressing force. (with eraser head, tilt sensor, rotation).

Some typical models using this pen are: Wacom Intuos ART Medium CTH-690 / K0-CX (CTH-690 / B0-CX), Wacom Intuos Photo Small (CTH-490 / K2-CX) …

Pen pressure control is different in every application. Most of the cases are through check boxes, buttons or drop-down menus. Typical functions are using the force to control the brush and the density of the brush.

Note when using the computer drawing board for beginners

In the process of using the electronic drawing board, to achieve the highest performance of this product, users should note the following points:

Use the electronic drawing board

  • For a novice, it is best to place the drawing screen opposite the computer screen in the order of the screen drawing – keyboard – computer screen.
  • Holding the pen is as comfortable as holding a regular pen and taking care not to move the cursor on the computer screen with the pen tip.
  • Use different types of pens when different types of strokes are needed.
  • The nib is the most quickly worn part because of the constant work. So when the pen nib is worn out, you should replace it immediately to ensure the working efficiency.
  • Regularly update the driver from the drawing board website to ensure the product runs smoothly and has the latest features from the company.
  • Do not forget to paste and replace the screen protector to protect the screen from scratches as well as to better resist the pen nib.

With these simple steps, you just need to spend time to practice more, every operation using computer drawing board will become much more mature and easier.

Wishing you successfully and effectively use your computer drawing board!


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