Mango TV is about to hit another sweet pet drama, the lineup of "high-value" is too eye-catching, beautiful stills I love

Mango TV is about to hit another sweet pet drama, the lineup of “high-value” is too eye-catching, beautiful stills I love

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Sharing in this issue: There have been a lot of TV dramas broadcast in the recent period. There are the ancient costume dramas “Brilliant Hearts Like Jade” and “The Order of Mountains and Rivers” that everyone likes. There are also the long-awaited urban dramas “The Eye of the Storm” and “Love of Love”. “Ideal Life” and other dramas can be said to be “a hundred flowers blooming”, with every type. Unexpectedly, Mango TV will hit another sweet pet drama. The lineup of “high-profile” is too eye-catching. I love the beautiful stills!

This drama is “Secrets of Secrets”, which has just been launched. The drama is adapted from the novel of the same name in the novel “East Ear Rabbit”. I believe many fans of novels should be familiar with it. This novel is about “Ding Xian” “And “Zhou Siyue” from high school to university, from university to graduation, their love in their youth led to a lifelong love, mutual warmth and mutual growth story.

In fact, this drama has been publicized a month ago, but at the beginning there was no official announcement of the starring lineup, which left a lot of suspense for everyone. Later, the actor Liu Zhiwei first spoiled the spoiler, and then the official Weiwei followed the official announcement. The cast, starred by Chen Zheyuan, Xu Mengjie, Wang Zexuan, Fan Zhixin, Wang Yilan, and Liu Zhiwei.

Seeing the cast, I believe everyone is relatively unfamiliar, except for the actor Chen Zheyuan, who will be more familiar. He has appeared in dramas such as “Secret Fruit” and “Shushan Chronicles 2” and has accumulated a lot of popularity, especially the “Double Male Lead” “The martial arts drama “Peerless Tianjiao”, starring partner Hu Yitian, has gained not bad results and evaluation.

It is also worth mentioning that Chen Zheyuan also starred in the Republican drama “Twelve Tans”, the costume drama “Green Hairpin Xing”, and “Slaying the Wolf” several upcoming dramas, which are very much anticipated. At the same time, this is the second time he has tried a youth campus-style TV series. The last one was “The Secret Fruit” of “Left Ear”, which was enthusiastically praised by netizens. Let’s wait and see!

If you have friends who like watching variety shows and chasing idols, you should also know that heroine Xu Mengjie joined the “Rocket Girl 101” group as a trainee in 18 years and won the title of “Variety Star of the Year” in 2019. Later, she participated in more variety shows, and “The Secret of Secret” also became her second TV drama work.

There is also Wang Zexuan, who may not be unfamiliar to everyone. Although there is not much information about him on the Internet, he has appeared in several works that are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, such as the movie “Di Renjie: The Eye of the Dead”, and the youth campus that was popular some time ago. The drama “Hello, Friends of the Other Side 2”, this time to appear again is quite awaiting.

The other actors may be relatively unfamiliar to everyone, but they all have one thing in common, that is, they are all very high-valued. Whether it is the photos released before or the photos released at the launching ceremony, the value of the looks is They are all very attractive. Seeing that the actor’s face value is so high, netizens are calling for it!

And relatively speaking, among these actors, the characteristics of each role are very distinctive, and the appearance and personality of each actor are very different, and the roles in the play will also be in sharp contrast. In addition, the production team of “The Secret of Secret” is also very strong. The director Zhang Xiaoan has directed “Full-time Master”, and the screenwriter Sun Haoyang has created works such as “The Hidden Corner” and “Blood College”, so the quality of this drama It’s very reassuring.

At present, “The Secret of Secret” was launched a few days ago, and the relevant tidbits and stills are believed to be released in the near future. Are you looking forward to this youthful campus sweet pet drama starred by a high-value actor partner? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss!

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