Man is pregnant?The famous male internet celebrity turned into a daughter 3 years ago and claimed to be pregnant.

Man is pregnant?The famous male internet celebrity turned into a daughter 3 years ago and claimed to be pregnant.

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Written by: Zeng Zexi; reprint must be noted

As the saying goes, “If you die at a hundred years old, you have news to listen to.” It turned out to be true! Especially in the entertainment industry, with the development of the times and the rapid development of technology, coupled with the development of more and more platforms for entertainment artists, now many online celebrities also occupy a place in the entertainment industry, and they are also deeply concerned by netizens. Great influence every minute!

Recently, the remarks of a well-known male Internet celebrity in Taiwan, Yiyao (stage name), have been heatedly discussed on the Internet, triggering fierce discussion among netizens. At present, more and more people are paying attention to the fact that Yiyao has announced that she is pregnant. !

After the male internet celebrity becomes his daughter, he announces “no uterus pregnancy”?

According to Taiwan media reports, the famous male internet celebrity’s waist had undergone an operation three years ago and turned into a daughter as he wished. Since then, she/he has acted as a female character for normal life and social life.

In fact, in the relatively open new century, the topic of “transgender people” is not new anymore. Now most people are very receptive and open to it, but what they didn’t expect is that they will become the gangster behind their daughters. Waist suddenly posted his own ultrasound photos on social networks, and claimed that he had successfully become pregnant and was promoted to mother-to-be.

Yiyao claimed that “I got a baby with so much money in my belly”, “No uterus and successful pregnancy”, etc., immediately caused an uproar among netizens! Everyone thinks that although male “transgender people” have changed their external gender signs through modern medical methods, they cannot have the normal pregnancy and reproductive functions of ordinary women, but they have no womb pregnancy? is it possible?

A large number of netizens commented in the message area and expressed their puzzlement. They asked “How can I get pregnant without a uterus and eggs?” And my boyfriend was very friendly and came out to answer everyone’s questions in person. “Experiment”, the success rate is not 100%, and there are risks, and the cost is even more expensive.” But he emphasized that the contents of the experiment must be kept secret and must never be made public.

Regarding the pregnancy operation of the “girlfriend”‘s waist, he also generously revealed: “First, make a small hole in the stomach, and then put the embryo in. In the early stage, he will frequently return to the hospital for follow-up consultations to confirm the status of the embryo… ..” In the face of a large number of Internet users’ doubts, he patiently answered the question, but he did not forget to emphasize that “the embryo is implanted in the abdomen of the waist by a test tube, so BB has my DNA…”

Medical experts emphasized: “Abdominal pregnancy will kill you!”

Basically, this series of remarks made by Wei Yao and her boyfriend is enough to subvert the world’s cognition, at least it subverts the information king! In addition to being unbelievable by ordinary people, it has attracted great attention from medical professionals.

As the incident was fermented on the Internet, yesterday (21), many obstetricians and gynecologists and experts in Taiwan stood up and questioned the two, pointing out that “there are currently no hospitals in Taiwan that conduct human trials on pregnancy without uterus.” , “All hospitals in Taiwan do not charge fees for “human trials””, “Taiwan cannot carry out IVF without being married”, etc…

Lai Zongxuan, an expert in Taiwan’s medical field, after reading the ultrasound pictures taken from her waist, said firmly that “it is absolutely impossible for a hospital to do this kind of test” and “this is obviously a violation of medical ethics.” Lai Zongxuan repeatedly emphasized that “abdominal pregnancy will dead person’s”! ! !

Popular science: why can’t you “abdominal pregnancy”?

First of all, from a medical point of view, “abdominal pregnancy” is quite rare, and it is extremely dangerous to the human body. During pregnancy, pregnant women are likely to rupture blood vessels and cause massive bleeding in the abdominal cavity. It may endanger life in the end. Therefore, in reality, no one would dare to put the embryo directly into the stomach for experimentation.

Wrongly replied to the netizen: “Keep your mouth clean!”

Some netizens also found out that the hospital where the ultrasound images posted by the waist was not recorded at all. Therefore, more people think that the waist and the boyfriend are more “blowing”, and some refer to the waist itself. It is an Internet celebrity, of course, we must continue to create novel topics to keep ourselves hot, at least this time the success of the “no-uterine and abdominal cavity pregnancy” speech made me popular!

Someone left a message accusing the two of them for hype and unscrupulous, all kinds of sour words, and the stubbornness will fight back with domineering: “The same people, no one wants to be wronged, don’t enter if you don’t like it, and blessings will not lose a piece of meat. But keep your mouth clean, at least I won’t steal or steal.”

Faced with a large number of questions from netizens, even the expert lineup team came forward to participate in it, but the waist and the boyfriend were both lazy and continued to post affection on social networks, and kept posting various intimate group photos and various shows… Of course, we don’t know whether it’s true or not. It’s only ten months after the pregnancy. Whether there is BB in the belly of the waist, it will be known after ten months. What do you think? Welcome to speak actively in the comment area!

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