Mamadi Fara Camara Chicane case between the mayor and the chief of police

Mamadi Fara Camara Chicane case between the mayor and the chief of police

The mayoress of Montreal and the police chief tore each other in the public square and behind the scenes following the botched investigation.

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Several sources described on Thursday great tensions between the Town Hall and the senior management of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM).

According to our information, the office of the mayor Valérie Plante communicated in the morning with the office of the director of police, Sylvain Caron, to strongly suggest that the latter react publicly, and inform him that the mayor was preparing a public outing.

Mr. Caron initially did not want to participate, choosing to issue a press release.

“I would have preferred he was more talkative. […] Mr. Caron must come before the population to give news, ”said Valérie Plante in the early afternoon.

The mayor even raised a case of racial profiling after the attempted murder charges were dropped the day before.

“Did the color of his skin play? […] that could be the case ”, she initially affirmed.

” It [M. Caron] had the opportunity to demonstrate a sensitivity on the issues of racial profiling and justice, but he refuses, “railed the leader of the opposition, Lionel Perez.

Neutral inquiry

Valérie Plante wants a “neutral” investigation into what happened at the SPVM, but also at the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP). She went so far as to claim that “this man is innocent”

This statement stung the SPVM staff, we have learned.

At the headquarters on rue Saint-Urbain, it is premature to declare a man innocent, while the criminal investigation has not been concluded.

Canceled interviews

Interviews planned by the SPVM’s major crime inspector, David Bertrand, were immediately canceled.

Chief Caron finally spoke to the media at 4:30 pm He defended the “rigor” of the work of his troops and did not want to exonerate Mr. Camara or apologize.

“I believe in being careful before accusing a citizen. One must also be careful before exonerating him. The investigation is still active, ”he said, explaining that he was still awaiting the results of DNA and blood tests taken at the crime scene.

Mamadi Fara Camara is still considered an “important witness” and “could be met again in the coming days”, added Mr. Caron.

Asked about the statements of Mme Plante, the director of the SPVM said he “missed” the mayor’s press briefing.

“The consequences are regrettable and we are thinking with the family of Mr. Camara”, agreed Sylvain Caron, who promises to apologize “personally” at the “opportune” moment.


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