Mamadi Camara accepts the apologies of the SPVM, but his lawyer brings a downside


Mamadi III Fara Camara and his previous lawyer, Me Cédric Materne.  Photos: Radio-Canada


Mamadi III Fara Camara and his previous lawyer, Me Cédric Materne. Photos: Radio-Canada

The director of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), Sylvain Caron, met on Monday morning, in private, Mamadi III Fara Camara to offer him his apologies in person. The latter accepted them, but his lawyer maintains that “that is not enough”.

“There was an apology made personally by Mr. Caron to Mr. Camara and his family, and they explained that they appreciated, that for them, it was an important gesture that Mr. Caron comes to make apologies personally. For them, it’s a bit of an appeasement, ”said in an interview with Radio-Canada. Virginie Dufresne-Lemire, the new lawyer of Mr. Camara who was exonerated Friday in the file of an unarmed and injured police officer in the Parc-Extension district.

“Of course that is not enough, but it is a first step,” said Me Virgine Dufresne-Lemire.

According to Me Dufresne-Lemire, a lawyer specializing in civil law in appeals against the police, Mr. Camara is going up the slope. He and his wife, pregnant with twins, must now return to their home which was reportedly ransacked by the police, in search of the weapon of the police officer who was assaulted on February 28.

For several days, Mr. Camara was considered the main suspect in the police officer’s assault Sanjay Vig, who had just given him a ticket. The policeman had been disarmed and severely beaten with an iron bar.

After the six days of Mr. Camara’s detention, new elements of the investigation led to a stay of proceedings and allowed him to regain his freedom. He was fully exonerated on Friday February 5.

“Possibility of prosecution”

Now he’s studying his options. “There is a possibility of filing a lawsuit, but it is not there yet,” said his lawyer in an interview on the program Tout un matin.

She indicated that it was possible to sue the City of Montreal, which oversees the SPVM, and perhaps the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions, for whom “the burden of proof is more complicated, because it is necessary to prove an intention malicious ”, whereas, in the case of the SPVM, it suffices to show that there was an error during the investigation.

“We will have to see if the police had enough information to identify Mr. Camara, if the arrest was made according to the rules, if there was enough information to authorize his indictment and why it was so. long for him to be released, ”explains Me Virginie Dufresne-Lemire.

His previous lawyer, Me Cedric Materne, declared in an interview with the program Tout le monde en parle that Mamadi Camara had not benefited from any presumption of innocence on the part of the SPVM, the DPCP, or the media. An opinion shared by his new lawyer. According to her, “it was put in the public square in a quite disturbing way”.

Despite this, the mayoress of Montreal assures us that her confidence in the head of the SPVM has not “eroded”.

In an interview with Téléjournal Grand Montréal, Mayor Plante also returned to the media outlet where she had maintained that Mr. Camara was innocent, while he had not yet been officially exonerated, which had drawn the wrath of the Montreal Police Fraternity.

“I had no information to say that he was innocent, but I wanted to recall the importance of the presumption of innocence”, indicates Valerie Plante, mayor of Montreal.

Laboratory manager at Polytechnique, Mr. Camara now hopes to return to his job when he has recovered sufficiently. The establishment, which had initially suspended him from his duties, has already mentioned its intention to meet with him “to discuss his reinstatement on campus and in his duties”, in addition to offering him some form of support.

As for the request of several politicians in favor of the holding of an independent investigation, the Quebec Minister of Justice, Simon Jolin-Barette, mentioned that such an investigation “is necessary” and that “the government of Quebec is at work” to establish the outlines, before evoking “developments in the coming days”.

According to Ms. Plante, the chosen formula should be “as light and efficient as possible” and “should not harm the current investigation.”

In the meantime, research continues to find the author of the assault on the SPVM police officer, without any new information having been made public, since the discovery of a vehicle in the borough of LaSalle.

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