Malaysian Prime Minister affirmed "will use Huawei technology as much as possible" - VnReview
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Malaysian Prime Minister affirmed "will use Huawei technology as much as possible" – VnReview

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad told reporters and the public that, despite other countries' reservations, Malaysia would still welcome the Chinese giant.

Speaking at the Asia Future Conference held in Tokyo, Nikkei took the lead, the prime minister stressed "Huawei has achieved tremendous technological achievements beyond the US". This is like a rebuttal to the alleged US charges against Huawei, from a Southeast Asian country. The US has put Huawei on the blacklist with hundreds of other Chinese companies. Basically, they are banned from trading and cooperating with US companies, but the ban is spread to some foreign firms.

The Malaysian Prime Minister said that although the United States was known for its strong research and development capabilities, now they have to accept the fact that even the East has that capacity. He also claimed that his country was not afraid to use Huawei's technology, while some other countries such as Japan and Australia listened to America. "Huawei has the research capacity far beyond Malaysia, so we will try to integrate technology from them as much as possible", he added. Malaysia does not bother much about spying allegations, they have an open policy.

The Malaysian Prime Minister is not afraid to use Chinese technology

The 93-year-old prime minister told the paper Nikkei that Malaysia will use technologies from China to enhance both business operations and national security. He was particularly interested in AI, arguing that artificial intelligence would be a powerful tool if we understood it. After re-election, he quickly found a leader of the two major companies, Alibaba and Huawei, hoping they would pour investment capital to promote developer country technology. Mohammad believes that Chinese technology will help create high-paying jobs in Malaysia, but he is also very open to the technology of other countries.

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