Malaysia is about to launch Suzuki Jimny, a distant day to Vietnam

In addition to the Jimny launch, Suzuki Malaysia also announced the Swift Sport urban model, marking its return in this crowded market.

Nearly half a decade away, Suzuki returned to the Malaysian market with two models, including the hot Jimny, which was awaited by many users and the small urban hatchback Swift Sport. In which, Suzuki Jimny is rated as the small Mer G63 with traditional design, high chassis, two bridges suitable for all operating conditions.

Although launched in 2018, but up to now, this is still one of the suv models that create great attraction because of its traditional design, compact size with a length of 3,645mm, a wheelbase of 2,250mm with multi Color options in the exterior.


Furthermore, the cover is a true suv with a body-on-frame platform, 4-wheel drive, hard bridge that is extremely reasonable for off-road thanks to the 37-degree approach angle and 49-degree exit angle. allowing for better rugged off-road riding, while with a short wheelbase to help the car through the head more compact with a radius of only 4.9m.

In terms of operation, Suzuki Jimny only has a 1.5L engine block with a modest capacity of 100 horsepower, 130 Nm, 4-speed automatic transmission, but the weight is just over 1 ton combined with pure off-road so it is difficult that promote large capacity.

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Currently, the price for Suzuki Jimny has not been announced, but the opening for sale in Malaysia also helps Vietnamese off-road players look forward to the genuine arrival of Vietnam. Previously, there were 2 Jimny sold as imported with the rumored price from 1.4 to 1.6 billion VND.


Close-up of unique Suzuki Jimny in Vietnam – CafeAuto.Vn

In the past, Suzuki cars were always appreciated for their practicality and durability, but the after-sales issues were not appreciated. After many times of improving the current Suzuki cars like Ertiga, the XL7 has rolled more on the street, also after many meetings, the representative of Suzuki Vietnam also said that there are only plans to bring Suzuki Jimny home. however, the selling price is still the biggest barrier to selling.


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