Making Signal your default messaging app

Making Signal your default messaging app

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Since the announcement of the new WhatsApp data policy, which will take effect in May, many users have been migrating to Signal. Like other messaging apps, Signal is used to chat with other users of the app, but on Android phones you can configure Signal to work as your SMS messaging app. In this article, see the step by step to make Signal your default messenger.

Making Signal your default messaging app

To start, open the app on your smartphone. If you don’t already have the app installed, download Signal here. Then, access the menu by touching the three dots icon top right. Then, go to settings:

Now, go on SMS and MMS and, on the next screen, select the option SMS disabled:

A window at the bottom of the screen will appear offering you to define the default application for receiving SMS messages. Select the Signal and then tap Set as Default. If you want, check the box Don’t ask again to save that decision:

Photo: © Paul Hanaoka – Unsplash.

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