Making payroll photos for Canh Ty Tet holiday 2020

Making payroll photos for Canh Ty Tet holiday 2020

The theme of Tet holiday in Vietnam is a topic that is often discussed, we often have funny sayings about Tet like “Look up at the sky – Look down to enjoy the Tet holiday” or ” It is not important for me to enjoy Tet, because I live by the belief. “

In addition to the happy sayings about Tet bonuses, we often see lots of funny pictures about Tet bonuses. Every year is the same, and this 2020 Tet has many different types of photos about Tet bonuses. And there is a new type of Tet bonus that is becoming a hot trend recently, if you want to create this 2020 Tet bonus, please follow the instructions below.

Guidance on preparing bonus photos of Tet holiday 120 thousand 2020

Step 1: First, please visit the link to create this Tet bonus photo following the link below. Next, enter information such as your full name and position in the company and click Create Photo.

Link to prepare pictures of Poor Tet 2020

Once the image has been created, click on the image itself and choose to save it to save your picture. If you click save on iOS, the image will be transferred to the File application, not the photo application.

To save the image directly into the Photos application, press and hold> and then select Add to Photos to save.

On the computer, too, you just need to register the name, position and click Create Photo to make Tet pictures.

Tet photo

Then choose Save, Share via social networks or create again if not satisfactory.

New Year photo collage app

So you can share your Tet pictures and share them with friends already. In addition to this Tet holiday picture, you can add other photos of the same Tet theme and share with your friends.

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