Make iPhone run fast with cold stones - Photo 1.

Make the iPhone run fast with the cool stones

If you ever had to reinstall the device (restore) the iDevices devices, you know that this is a long and 'exhausting' process. But did you know that this process will be much faster if we use ice cold?

The reason for slow reset is because the iPhone's CPU when operating at full capacity for a certain period of time will be hot and reduce its performance (throttling). Therefore, the "clamping" of iPhone between cool stones will help it run significantly faster. According to Justin Searls, who shares this trick, it helps reset time to half, very effective!

Make iPhone fast with ice cubes - Photo 2.

But users should also be careful when following this procedure, do not leave the device inside the freezer Because the stone can melt and damage electronic components. This is critical for older generation iPhones and iPads, often without any standard of water resistance. Users can also put them into zip bags to avoid this phenomenon.

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