Make a cute friend of your own with TORAFU ARCHITECTS's Wooden Koala 3 min to read

Make a cute friend of your own with TORAFU ARCHITECTS’s Wooden Koala 3 min to read

After an exclusive designboom interview and a studio tour at the TORAFU ARCHITECTS office in early December, the design team shared their latest animal-inspired project.

‘ISHINOMAKI KOALA KIT’ is a simple assembly that allows users to create their own Koala out of hardwood pieces. This fun toy is perfect for children and adults alike, a portion of the proceeds from them will be donated to the habitat restoration fund and care of the endangered wildlife. impact of wildfires in Australia.

After the previous ‘ISHINOMAKI BIRD KI’, this cute koala will mark a new addition to the animal lineup. Users can add a distinctive touch to the design by polishing this red cedar wood with sandpaper or painting any color of their choice. The angle of the head can also be adjusted to suit different uses.

The cute koala can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a pen holder or a smartphone, or even a small vase when a slender test tube is inserted between the legs. of uncle. ‘ISHINOMAKI KOALA KIT’ is also a simple and captivating ornament in a home or office interior.

Translator: Nam Vu

Source: designboom

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