“Major depression” Postponement of trial requested for a Lévis police officer


The lawyer representing a Lévis police officer expected to trial next week to face charges of harassment and attempted break and enter has asked that the case of his client be postponed, the latter suffering “from depression major ”.

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Me Isabelle Briand explained to judge Annie Trudel that she had given the prosecutor “a note” signed by the hand of the doctor who has been following Hugues Gagnon for two years.

“The attending physician’s note mentions that my client is actively adjusting his medication and he does not find him stable enough to stand trial,” she said, asking the court at the same time to disassign the witnesses who were to be heard on Monday and next Tuesday.

A request opposed by the Prosecutor, Mr.e Franceline Lamoureux-Auclair, specifying to the Court that despite the “major depression” of the accused, the latter had been working full time for several months and that he had appeared in recent weeks before certain legal bodies to hold useful procedures.

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“We are also a few days away from the 18 months which must be respected to avoid a stay of proceedings and the alleged victim is anxious for this whole story to end,” she added.

Remember that the 42-year-old patroller is accused of harassing his former spouse between the 1er October 2018 and April 10, 2019, in Lévis.

He is also accused of having tried to enter a dwelling house, still in Lévis, on April 3, 2019.

Six days later, the police officer allegedly tried to “obstruct, divert or thwart the course of justice”. He is also accused of having broken an engagement by communicating with his ex-spouse, between December 1 and 13, 2018, when he was prohibited from doing so.

The President of the Tribunal is due to render her decision on Thursday.



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