Maintenance of cars before going out for the holidays should note what?

Maintenance of cars before going out for the holidays should note what?

The Lunar New Year holiday is near. If you need to travel a lot during Tet, you should take the car for maintenance. So maintenance of spring car travel to note what?

1. Tire

Tires are the first part of the car you need to check because this is the most impacted and damaged part of the vehicle. Check the wear of the tires, either visually or based on indicators. Normally, with the conditions of roads and traffic in big cities in Vietnam, the average tire life is about 50,000km or 2 years of use.

Check the pressure of the tire, because too tight or too young tire also greatly affects the performance and safety of driving.

Tires are the first part of the car you need to check

2. Lubricant, engine lubrication

Lubricants or engine lubricants help the engine and the car operate smoothly and best, partly to help the car save fuel and prevent engine wear. If the engine lubricating oil runs out when running, the engine will quickly heat up, causing vehicle damage, stalling in the middle of the road.

Normally, service shops will recommend changing the oil every 5000 km to make the engine more durable, but in fact the drivers share the optimal number that car users should consider to change the oil is about 16000 km, more economical and more environmentally friendly.

When checking viscosity with the dipstick, if it is nearly empty or the smell is burnt, you need to change engine oil to ensure safety.

3. Engine

Before going on a long trip, check the engine system. Check the engine by pulling the gear lever to N (Number 0), start the engine, after about 1 minute step on the deep throttle, observe the number of engine revs and the exhaust smoke is not abnormal.

Before going on a long trip, check the engine system

Listen for the sound of the engine and feel the vibration when the vehicle is operating normally. If so, bring it to the garage for inspection and maintenance just before the trip.

4. Check car battery

It is a disaster when your car is running in the middle of the highway and the car battery is damaged, causing the car to stall, unable to operate and supply power to the parts on the vehicle.

Check the battery terminals for signs of corrosion or leakage, so batteries are easily damaged, especially when on the road. To be sure, take your car to the garage to check the battery’s charge level to see if this part needs to be replaced.

5. Light system

When checking the light system, firstly clean the stain on the lamp to ensure brightness. After that, check the brightness of all the shadows on the car to repair, replace if there is a problem. Finally, readjust the height of the lights to match the speed so as not to affect other vehicles on the road.

6. Braking system and steering system

Braking system and steering system are especially important when driving, it is directly related to the safety of vehicle control and handling situations on the road. Check the two oil boxes of the two systems in the engine compartment to make sure they are still at a safe level and help the brakes and steering work smoothly.

Brakes and steering are especially important when driving

7. Water cooling

This is very important for long-distance driving, which directly affects the stability of the engine when operating continuously and traveling long distances. When the engine is not cooled and the heat sink will be prone to errors, damage midway.

Open the bonnet and check the level of engine coolant is still guaranteed, no need more. If the cooling water level in the radiator is too little, or there is a strange smell and color, it is necessary to change the cool water into the car to ensure the engine works best to avoid damage in the middle of the road.

8. Petrol (oil)

Before you leave, fill up the tank and don’t forget to pay attention to the fuel meter often. Priority should be given as soon as the fuel meter indicates about 1/3 of the capacity.

9. Prepare all necessary backup furniture

After checking all the important parts of your car, you need to prepare some more recommended tools, including battery cable, spare tire and tire removal device, glass washer, wire electricity, flashlights, rescue hammers, mini inflatable, mini fire extinguishers, personal medical supplies, etc. are essential when traveling.

(According to Cartimes)


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