“Magic: Legends” hands-on experience-“Dark” classic card game

“Magic: Legends” is a new action RPG game. At first glance, it looks a bit like “Diablo”, but this multiplayer game developed by Cryptic Studios has its own unique rhythm and style. The biggest attraction of this game lies in how it uses its source of material-the mechanism of the card collecting game “Magic: The Gathering”. We already learned about this in a special demo session last week and discovered a lot of extra surprises.

In “Magic: The Gathering: Legend”, the player still plays the powerful wizard planeswalker in the world view of “Magic: The Gathering” (the old translation wizard). Each profession has a unique basic combat method. For example, the Geomancer uses her fists to fight, while the Necromancer uses a whip-like incense burner for mid-range attacks. These professions also have basic and ultimate abilities in line with their respective positioning, such as continuous damage, and burst damage caused one or two times per round after the charge is released.

Necromancer who is attacking a large enemy.The blue semi-circle represents the helping friends-including ghosts, skeletons and an angel

Players can use keyboard and mouse operations like many traditional ARPGs, tap the ground to mark the character’s destination, and then use the attack button to attack the enemy. In addition, there are also WASD mobile modes that are more familiar to MMO and FPS players. The basic combat is smooth and fun, but the enemy AI is more like a group of children playing football than a regular army.

More interesting is the game shortcut keys. Before starting the battle, players need to build a deck of 12 spell cards, all of which come from the long history of Magic: The Gathering. Each card also conforms to the common design of “Magic: The Gathering”, for example, a certain amount of mana is required to cast, and the power and defense are also displayed in the classic X/Y format. But they will all appear randomly in your hand—that is, shortcut keys 1 to 4.

There is also a “horde” mode based on mission objectives in the preview version. Players need to ensure that the motor is protected from enemy damage within a certain period of time. Note that the handle uses the right button, which is different from the number buttons used by the mouse and keyboard in the previous picture.
Just like a traditional game of “Magic: The Gathering”, players never know what cards they will get, nor can they be sure which cards will appear midway through the game, which means you have to play on the spot. It may take a few minutes for your favorite combination to appear once or twice, and maybe you can get a powerful hand of cards to destroy it.

However, I did encounter a problem with card recognition during the first trial. Although the spells are from the universe of Magic: The Gathering, the card face is not. This is more or less reasonable, after all, there is not much space left on the shortcut icons at the bottom of the HUD. The card surface of modern card games is very fine, with a lot of details, it is really hard to see if it is so small.

In any case, the map in the game will cause massive damage to the player, and it is also a real test of the player’s skills.

So how much content is there when the game is launched? The developer told us that there will be a process of about 30 hours at the beginning, and the time required to unlock all the basic spells of the five Planlock classes will be slightly less than this number. In addition, repetition will become synonymous with the game. You can team up with other players to overcome difficult levels, and use the resources from rewards to make new cards or improve old cards.

After the official release, this free game will continue to steadily launch new content to meet the expectations of fans. The developer told us that the content of the plot will be free forever, including new story lines, new enemies, new regions and so on. In-app purchases will not affect the player’s strength, nor will it speed up the progress of the game.

Most importantly, the developers claim that there will be no “level conflicts” in the game, which means that players will not be unable to experience part of the content because the characters are too strong or too weak.

“Magic: The Gathering: Legends” has launched a public beta on the PC version on March 23. The full version will be available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One platforms in 2021.

“Magic: The Gathering” IP is enduring, Netflix recently announced an animation based on the universe, and the latest card pack “Time Vortex Remake” will inevitably make old players and collectors memorable.

Translation: Stark Young
Editor: Tony
Source: Bonfire Camp
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