“Magatsu Wahrheit -ZUERST-” Review

Evaluation ★★ ☆☆☆ (31 points) All 12 episodes

Synopsis Two young men living in the Varheit Empire, where the capital relocation plan is underwayQuote-Wikipedia


  1. Continue with the game! The service will end soon!

    1. Chaotic world
    2. Indifferently
    3. Two people who are not special
    4. world
    5. I heard the story! The world will be destroyed!
  2. General comment: Leave the furoshiki open

    1. Personal impression: There is no original social network game

Continue with the game! The service will end soon!

The original is a social game.
Directed by Naoto Hosoda and produced by Yokohama Animation Laboratory.
The service of the original is scheduled to end at the end of March 2021.

Chaotic world

Image source: “Magatsu Wahrheit -ZUERST- From episode 1
© Evil Production Committee

As soon as one episode, a scene where the world is destroyed is drawn.
While a hero-like person stares at such a perishing world,
The story begins.

The world view of this work is chaotic.
There is a monster named mutant, and the number of crimes has increased,
Dissatisfaction with the imperial capital by local aristocrats, on the verge of riots,
It seems that a terrorist organization can be created.
Under such circumstances, “Leocadio” begins to work as a military apprentice.

He is a good young man, a man who does kindness to others without any reward for himself.
To put it badly, it is also “noisy”.
His noisy, little kindness moves the story slowly.


Image source: “Magatsu Wahrheit -ZUERST- From episode 1
© Evil Production Committee

The way the story is drawn is fairly straightforward.
I’m good at showing it lightly in such a light atmosphere.
For example, “Leocadio” belongs to the stage as a soldier,
Receive various explanations from my boss.

In that explanation
“The activity of smuggling organizations called headkeepers is becoming active,
Let’s all tighten up and work hard. “
And at the same time by reflecting the behavior of smuggling organizations
They are smuggling organizations, what they are looking for
It becomes clear that the hero has kindly put him in the car.

As few explanation lines as possible
“Show” and convey in the medium of animation.
Smuggling organization luggage loaded from the hero’s kindness,
“Inumael” carrying such luggage is caught for innocent charges.

The trivial trigger of the kindness of “Leocadio” motivated people to move.
That becomes a natural story.
A neat “story” is depicted in this work.

In a chaotic world, characters from various positions
It works according to each speculation.
The circumstances of the characters that are intricately intertwined and the actions from there
It is giving birth to a story.

I have kindly put the smuggling organization’s luggage into the loading platform
“Leocadio”, a military apprentice,
I carried such luggage without knowing that it belonged to a smuggling organization
“Inumael” who is falsely accused as a member of a smuggling organization

Two people who got acquainted with each other for a strange reason
They are hostile to each other even though they have no intention of fighting each other.
Inumael was confused and killed a soldier,
Leocadio has a friend killed by Inumael.

What will happen to the two protagonists in the future?
“Two people” who are not something special in the world as chaotic
How do you survive?
In the story of the two protagonists that started with a trivial trigger
I feel a thrilling fun.

Two people who are not special

Image source: “Magatsu Wahrheit -ZUERST- From episode 1
© Evil Production Committee

The two protagonists just lived in this world.
“Inumael” who was a carrier while doting on his sister,
“Leocadio” became a military apprentice for money from shoe shining.
They don’t have anything like “idea”.

In a chaotic world, military personnel are for the empire,
Smuggling organizations are dying against the idea of ​​the empire.
The two protagonists do not have clear principles or ideas,
However, the characters around them are covered in ideology and insistence.

In such a world, they are acting to survive, just to live.
However, it creates a vicious circle.
In particular, “Inumael” kills people to survive and protects their companions.
I killed a monster. That creates a vicious cycle of “causality.”

While such “Inumael” himself acts with smuggling organizations
He chooses to work with smuggling organizations.
Because I’ve been working together for a long time, I’ve protected myself
Because I knew their circumstances.Various thoughts from the person who “engaged” him
Transform into a human being who acts with smuggling organizations with “own will”

There is no big decision. That is also their way.
The other main character, “Leo Cadio,” is a little overshadowed,
While doubting “Inumael”, he tries to maintain his correctness.


Image source: “Magatsu Wahrheit -ZUERST- From Episode 6
© Evil Production Committee

The plot goes on without the knowledge of Inumael and Leocadio.
A mysterious disease that is prevalent all over the country and has no cure, a human experiment secretly conducted behind the scenes,
The end of human beings born at the end.

The two protagonists are at the mercy of a conspiracy in a vicious circle of causality.
Not because they were the trigger,
Nor are they important key persons.
They can’t resist the big plot, they just get swept away.

Although they try to uncover the plot in their own way,
The plot doesn’t stop.Everything is a plot that was set up from the beginning
The two protagonists can’t stand up.

They are certainly the protagonists of the story of this work.
However, they are not the main characters in the world of this work.
The closer they are to the plot, the wider the world,
They have a trick that can’t be helped.

Just carrying luggage, just military personnel have more
It’s a conspiracy involving the world.
Destruction due to a disaster called “light of disaster”
A “prophetic stone” where you can only see what is allowed.
Aristocrats prepared for the crisis caused by such prophecies.

The struggle between the emperor and the anti-emperor faction cannot be helped by just ordinary people.
Although there is a part that the viewer thinks, “Ah, was that the case?”
There are a lot of explanatory lines in many of the story-telling conversations in episode 10,
Where is the good way to show one episode?

Like the two main characters, I can’t keep up with the work itself.
It’s no regret that the drawing gets worse as the story goes on.

I heard the story! The world will be destroyed!

Image source: “Magatsu Wahrheit -ZUERST- From episode 10
© Evil Production Committee

In the final episode, as predicted, the “light of calamity” will come and many people will die.
The two protagonists couldn’t do anything, just look at the light of calamity
You can only see how the imperial capital is perishing.

Monsters appear one after another in the city, the city collapses, and lives are lost one after another.
You can only watch over such a city while despairing.
On the contrary, one of the main characters turns into a monster.

What will happen to the world from now on?
What will happen to the two protagonists in the future? I don’t understand at all (laughs)

This work is the day before the original game.
Continue with the game! I understand that I want to say
With the final story that is thrown too much
Considering that the original game itself will end in “March 2021”
It has become a disappointing work in various ways.


General comment: Leave the furoshiki open

Image source: “Magatsu Wahrheit -ZUERST- From Episode 12
© Evil Production Committee

Overall, it’s a disappointing work.
The story, world view and characters of this work are carefully drawn at the beginning,
With “Inumael” who was involved from a trivial trigger
I was drawn into the story of “Leocadio” that created the opportunity.

However, after passing the middle stage, the direction of clouds became suspicious, and
Spread the furoshiki steadily, and for the two non-special protagonists
It has progressed to a situation that can not be helped,
Eventually they were involved in a conspiracy and couldn’t stop the conspiracy,
It was just washed away.

In the end, the story itself ended with throwing
Play the game because you are worried about the future from the state of being thrown!
It doesn’t feel like that.
It feels disappointing to throw too much.

Why did this happen because the degree of completion in the early stages was high?
It was a work I wanted to say.

Personal impression: There is no original social network game

Image source: “Magatsu Wahrheit -ZUERST- From Episode 12
© Evil Production Committee

Speaking of the original social network game, there are many cases where a large number of characters appear and it is fluttering.
The number of characters in this work was modest, and it was a really interesting work at the beginning.
When I think about it now, one episode is at its peak, and the fun is steadily decreasing.
In the final episode, it’s a work that seems to have been shaken off in the negative direction.

If it became popular in animation, the original might have continued, but
Unfortunately it didn’t seem to be popular.

It’s not flashy, it has a sober atmosphere, and it’s dark.
There is an atmosphere reminiscent of anime in the early 2000s,
Although the atmosphere was irresistible,
There is also a binding called the day before the original game,
I couldn’t finish the puzzle well.

It was a work that gave such an impression

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