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Mafia Definitive Edition announces new technology and mechanism!

2K has announced that Mafia Definitive Edition there will be new voice actors, changes in game mechanics and many other features.

Take-Two Interactive announced that Mafia Definitive Edition will be reworked and added many other innovations.

Specifically, the developer has stated that the game will include new technology and voice actors, changing the mechanics in the game along with the expansion of the gameplay plot of the original game released in 2002.

Speaking from Karl Slatoff (president working at 2K): “the game will be completely remade from the beginning, including new technology, new voice actors, new in-game mechanics and more.”

Present, Mafia Trilogy has been available on online stores, including the second and third installments of the same-name game series that launched players on May 19, 2020. Later, Mafia Definitive Edition will be available for players to experience on September 28, 2020 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.



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