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macOS Catalina Public beta version: There are still some major bugs, you should not upgrade now

Go straight in like the title, macOS Catalina, even though the Public beta version still has an annoying error during use, not only for me but also for other users. I will list these errors that I have made:

Safari turns itself off

This is the most annoying bug because Safari is the browser we use every day on the Mac as well as the most used percentage. For example, when you turn off any tab, it will turn off the browser and display an error message, ask to reopen something "Reopen". Even if you don't turn off the tab, sometimes Safari will turn itself off, it will be annoying for those who are doing the work halfway, turned off and have to reload even though they have reset the device many times.

Music application cannot listen to music online

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I can't search music on Apple Music, although searching for the name only shows the results in the existing library and I can only hear the music in the library sync from iCloud. While Music is a place where I listen to music every day, it is extremely difficult to find it online.

The file collection feature outside the Desktop is mixed with files

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macOS Catalina also features the same file formats as a place like in Mojave, Apple calls it Stacks. Then Stacks on Catalina reorganize the files you add to the Desktop to be confused, for example, the latest file is ranked at the end, the file is long folded. It will be troublesome for those who need to search for files to work.

Apple TV cannot watch 4K movies on the iMac 4K or 5K

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Apple TV app on Catalina is very nice and easy to see, like iOS and iPadOS. However, the lack of support for watching 4K (error) is a big omission for those who are using the iMac and want to watch movies.

Don't highlight the separate text when saving the file

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If you are naming the file at the archive, if you misspelled the text and want to edit the text, you cannot highlight each section individually by double clicking on the paragraph. By default it will highlight a line, if you want to edit the text, you must scan it manually.

Some external applications are having problems at Catalina:

  • Adobe Photoshop version 14.0 – encountered an error opening the app immediately
  • Final Cut Pro X (10.3.6) – Cannot open the file
  • mTorrent – Inactive
  • OpenEmu (Nintendo emulator game application) – Inactive

Some Developer beta errors are fixed on Public beta:

  • Sidecar: This feature turns the iPad (with iPadOS) into the second screen for the Mac, but in the Dev version, there is no AirPlay status for the iPad or the frozen iPad screen. The Public beta is more stable and smoother
  • Error typing Vietnamese font has been fixed
  • The lag during use: It is much smoother than the Dev version
  • Some errors lost mail in Mail application: Already fixed, I am using it is fine again (this error is also from Mojave)


Those are the errors I mentioned above, but they are small but extremely important and influential if we work a lot on Mac computers. The above errors are not worthwhile to continue to use, I will review the Mojave 10.14.x version. It is also advisable that you who intend to play beta on Catalina 10.15 should skip it.

I also do not want to go into too much of the experience of using Catalina to evaluate innovations compared to Mojave because there are too many big errors.

Thereby, also thanks to the brothers who are in Public beta can share more mistakes and "verify" the errors mentioned above, thank you!


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