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MacBook Air's SSD 2019 is about 35% slower than the 2018 version.

The new MacBook Air version 2019 has just been refreshed as well as priced at $ 100 for the base configuration version (from $ 1,199 to $ 1,099). Special support for students and students for only $ 999.

However, by reducing the price of the machine compared to last year, there is a problem of confusion when the SSD of 2019 series is slower than 2018.

Results of actual SSD speed measurement of MacBook Air 2019 via Blackmagic Disk application:

This is the result of the MacBook Air 2019 – 256 GB SSD, showing a copy speed of 1.07 GB / s, a read speed of 1.3 GB / s. If compared to the 2018 series, the copy speed is 920MB / s but the reading speed is up to 2 GB / s, the difference of 35% (reading speed) is a quite large number.

Test results on 128GB SSD – 2019: Copy speed of 500 MB / s, reading speed is still 1.3 MB / s – on par with 128 GB SSD in 2018.

It's possible that the read speed of 1.3 GB / s on a cheap laptop is still reasonable, it still helps us to use it well in normal needs. Cheaper prices will attract more customers, and Apple is forced to "cut costs" inside the hardware even though it is relatively small.

But in retrospect, it is clear that this is a step back, while users looking to buy and upgrade the MacBook are mostly expected on SSDs – the SSD itself is the most important thing that determines the way we all use the machine.


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