Ma Yun's 1.9-meter beauty bodyguard, angel face and devil figure, netizens: it is a pity not to debut

Ma Yun’s 1.9-meter beauty bodyguard, angel face and devil figure, netizens: it is a pity not to debut

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After a person becomes famous, he often encounters some uncontrollable things happen. In order to prevent these things from happening, the profession of bodyguard was born. We are not very interested in this profession. But for those at the big boss level, bodyguards are an essential profession.

But to talk about these big guys, whose bodyguard is the most handsome, I think it should be the bodyguard next to Jack Ma. He has a 1.9-meter beauty bodyguard with an angel face and a devil figure. Netizens: It is a pity not to debut.

As the founder of Alibaba Group, his wealth is beyond ordinary people’s imagination. In addition to having a wealthy economy, there are many other important identities. Let’s not say much here, and interested friends can find it by themselves.

Because he is engaged in some very important occupations, his responsibilities are also heavier. Therefore, in order to avoid some troubles, there are more bodyguards around him.

At first, the bodyguard next to Ma Yun was the most famous Li Tianjin, but now he retreated from Ma Yun. So Ma Yun changed into a beauty bodyguard with a height of 1.9 meters.

Seeing this, you may ask, can girls also be bodyguards? Yes, as long as you meet the requirements in terms of physical fitness, it is acceptable. But there are not many girls who are engaged in this profession.

After all, in everyone’s stereotype, male bodyguards seem to be more deterrent than women. But what I want to say is that although they look very strong, sometimes they are not as careful as female bodyguards.

And when dealing with some things, female bodyguards are much cleaner than male bodyguards. It is estimated that Ma Yun also liked the female bodyguard, so he chose a woman as his bodyguard.

However, the bodyguard Ma Yun was looking for was indeed much taller than usual. I think at this height, he would definitely stand out from the crowd around Ma Yun. After all, women with a size of 1.9 meters are still rare in China.

In addition to being tall, she is also very beautiful. From the photos, we can see that the sharp eyes with tall eyebrows make her look full of heroism.

A long straight head adds a lot of femininity to her handsome. And this beautiful bodyguard also has the figure of a devil. Many netizens said when they saw this beauty: it would be a pity not to debut.

Really, with such conditions, it’s a shame not to enter the entertainment circle. After all, this looks and figure are no worse than some female stars in the entertainment circle. And the height of 1 meter 9 is not shorter than any well-known model at the moment. Not to mention the bumpy figure.

With such good conditions, he can only choose to be an anonymous little bodyguard. Want to come to her not in the entertainment industry! It seems that her personality is still very low-key.

Moreover, this kind of her makes me think of the most popular saying: “She has good looks, but she depends on her ability.”

In fact, some netizens are very curious about the 1.9-meter beauty bodyguard next to Jack Ma, wanting to see what her background is. Why was Ma Yun selected.

But no matter how the netizens searched, they did not find any information about this beautiful bodyguard. It can be seen that this is also a top-secret master. Otherwise, in this information age, how can one not find any news?


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