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Ma revealed why people like him are unlikely to get a job today at Alibaba

Ma is one of the richest people in China with a net worth of US $ 39.1 billion (January 2019), and one of the richest people in the world. Ma's basic business philosophy is an open and oriented economy.

A prominent business man, he is considered a global ambassador for Chinese businesses and is therefore often listed by Forbes magazine as one of the most powerful people in the world.

Billionaire Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba – one of the most successful technology companies in China. But according to him, even today he himself would be hard to get a job at this company.

And not just Alibaba. Ma said he and the other founding members would surely struggle to qualify for the hiring process of many large technology companies around the world.

"People like me these days, if I try to apply for a job at Alibaba, it is almost impossible", Said Ma at Forbes' Worldwide CEO Conference held in Singapore.

This is because there is a defect in the international recruiting system, which places great emphasis on academic performance and places open-minded people against former people.

"People judge you based on the degree you have"Jack Ma said."They will think ‘Hey we have some candidates from Harvard, some other candidates from Stanford, and you don't know where to graduate.".

Ma had been struggling during his student life in school, he was even rejected by 30 places before founding Alibaba in 1990. He said he had met countless talented people. but can't get a good job simply because they don't get a degree.

"I have met many entrepreneurs like me"Jack Ma recalled and mentioned two former colleagues, now founders of Alipay and Taobao, who were unable to obtain an MBA because they failed the Math exam in the entrance exam.

According to him, such academic conditions are becoming more and more out of place in today's fast-paced digital era, "In an industrial age, you have to remember faster, remember more and calculate quickly." These are things that machines can do a lot better than you. "

"That is what worries me. 20, 30 years from now, our children and grandchildren will never be able to survive because of the education we impose on them today."he said.

Jack Ma, now 55 years old and having just stepped down as senior chairman of Alibaba last month, said he is now planning to do charitable work in education to better prepare for the next generation. Follow changes by encouraging more independent thinking.

Jack Ma – who used to be an English teacher – also talked about his wishes: "We must teach children how to innovate, think positively and creatively, to survive in an age of artificial intelligence. I want to do more for that purpose".

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