Ma Jiaqi wants to "touch porcelain" Yi Xianqianxi? 25 points in mathematics for college entrance examination, not even as good as ordinary people

Ma Jiaqi wants to “touch porcelain” Yi Xianqianxi? 25 points in mathematics for college entrance examination, not even as good as ordinary people

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The “Times Youth League” is a group of juvenile idols that has attracted much attention during this period, because their relationship as the TFBOYS “junior and younger team” has also made its members more heated.

Ma Jiaqi is the captain of the “Times Youth League”. He was a student with good acting skills in the public’s impression before. At that time, Ma Jiaqi was praised by his fans as Yiyan Qianxi 2.0, but he did not expect The college entrance examination scores that he recently exposed were to shatter his original school tyrant filter.

Different from Yi Yang Qianxi’s previous good scores in the college entrance examination, Ma Jiaqi’s math score in the college entrance examination is only 25 points. The presentation of this kind of score is really worse than ordinary people.

The boy in the photo is Ma Jiaqi. I wonder how you would rate his image? Looking closely at Ma Jiaqi’s face that looks like a “rat” state, it is actually incomparable with Yi Yang Qianxi, and I hope he will not “touch porcelain” his brother in the future.

As a highly praised young male star, Ma Jiaqi’s understanding of fashion dressing is worthy of our praise.

With this bangs hairstyle, he can modify his face very well, and this classic bangs hairstyle can also be called the most common hairstyle for young people.

The original ordinary black turtleneck shirt immediately becomes very unique because of the embellishment of this spliced ​​shirt. If you are usually people who follow the fashion circle, then naturally you know that this kind of double-split shirt has become one of the popular ones.

Although Ma Jiaqi’s appearance is not very handsome, but fortunately he has a super superior male model figure. From the angle of full body shots, we can feel the superiority of Ma Jiaqi’s figure very well.

The black trousers with a certain self-cultivation effect show Ma Jiaqi’s superior long leg lines. Pay attention to the width of his calf that can even make countless women envy.

Incarnate as a bad boy on the street

Ma Jiaqi, who has participated in a lot of shooting before, has already tried many different styles of styling. When Ma Jiaqi is dressed up as such a bad boy, will it make you shine?

Ma Jiaqi in this dress looks very street-like as a “social youth”, and his messy hairstyle with his hairband looks very cool.

Guofeng style keeps up with the trend

The national look worn by Ma Jiaqi is also a new popular expression in the current fashion dress. I believe that his appearance under the national style can also touch the aesthetic orientation of his countless little fans.

Looking closely at the national look worn by Ma Jiaqi, there is still a strong sense of chivalry, and the stitching effect in the costume can make him easily become the focus of the crowd.

Student uniforms are so youthful

White shirt + gray trousers is the most classic student uniform. In Ma Jiaqi’s look, will you see a sense of sight of DK Japanese beautiful men?

The whole youthful student uniform, matched with the sunny meadow Ma Jiaqi is on, is the vigorous young man.


This time, because of the college entrance examination results, Ma Jiaqi was complained by many people. This situation has a lot to do with his usual ostentatious design.

Through the impact of this incident, I believe that Ma Jiaqi will also change in the past, and I hope that his future results will be improved.


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