M Power is here! BMW 2021 style attention car model summary

Although the global Covid-19 epidemic has not yet stopped, the current motorcycle boom is not only in Japan, but is very hot all over the world. Therefore, major motorcycle manufacturers still publish New Year’s style or new models according to schedule. The small and medium displacement distance is a battleground for military strategists.

This time, we will give you a brief introduction to the car models that BMW will launch in 2021. The car model lineup launched by this brand is rich, from the latest ultra-high-performance super sports cars to classics equipped with traditional horizontal twin-cylinder engines. Car models, introductory models aimed at the novice rider!

Appeared in the name of M! M1000RR

For a long time, “M Power”, synonymous with high-end performance models in BMW’s four-wheeled vehicle product line, has finally come to BMW’s two-wheeled motorcycles.

Although the M1000RR engine is based on the S1000RR, it has successfully changed the maximum horsepower from 207ps/13,500rpm to 212ps/14,500rpm through the use of titanium alloy connecting rods, titanium alloy valves, dual-link pistons, and the red line of speed from 14,600 The rpm is increased to 15,100rpm, and the horsepower and performance above 6,000rpm have beaten the S1000RR. It can be said that it is a car built to win at SBK.

In terms of equipment weight, the M1000RR has changed from 193.5kg in the S1000RR to 192kg. Although carbon fiber is used, even with the addition of windshield and other parts, BMW has worked hard to achieve weight reduction. From this we can see how serious they are.

Coming in the name of M! The BMW “M1000RR” at the track

BMW officially announced the “M1000RR (M RR)” pure sports model based on the S1000RR.A few days ago… continue reading

Powerful Bobber R18 Classic

BMW officially launched the R18 in 2020. It is a cruiser equipped with BMW’s traditional horizontal twin-cylinder engine and the largest displacement in history of 1801cc. The derivative version of the R18 Classic was also released soon. Compared with the two models, there are obvious differences in exterior design, such as large windshields, comfortable rear seats, leather saddle bags and 16″ front wheels and other classic unique and eye-catching elements.

In addition to the retro feel, the R18 Classic has three riding modes, namely Rain, Roll and Rock. It also incorporates an LED light set including daytime running lights, Keyless Ride, ASC automatic stability control system, and MSR engine. Modern technologies such as brake management system, electronic control cruise system, hill start control, reverse gear, anti-theft system, etc.

The R18 Classic is equipped with a horizontal twin-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1,801cc, which can provide a maximum horsepower of 91hp at 4,750rpm, a maximum torque of 158 Nm at 3,000rpm, and a maximum torque of 2,000~4,000rpm. It can provide a torque output of 150Nm.

German nostalgic travel style! BMW “R18 Classic” debuts

After BMW officially launched the R18 in 2020, the derivative version of the R18 Classic was also released soon after.German…continue reading

German Street Titans S1000R

The S1000R is an street car model based on the S1000R, without the fairing and other exterior kits. The 2021 model is the first major facelift since the birth of the S1000R. It is also equipped with a parallel four-cylinder engine derived from the S1000RR, which can produce at 11,000rpm. 165ps maximum horsepower, 9,250rpm provides 114Nm maximum torque, coupled with a sliding clutch, a six-speed gearbox with a relatively sparse gear ratio between four and six, the S1000R’s power curve is gentler and the torque curve more linear than the S1000RR.

Since it uses the same frame as the S1000RR and also uses the engine as a part of the frame to reduce weight, it reduces the weight by 5kg compared with the current model. The new frame also has a narrower width, making the rider’s riding experience more comfortable and The riding posture changes are also rich and flexible.

German street titans BMW 2021 style “S1000R” facelift debut

The BMW S1000R, a sports street car model that has reached the end of its product cycle, will finally usher in the end of 2020… Continue reading

Complete inheritance of the GS family lineage G310GS

The G310GS is the smallest displacement car in BMW’s GS family. Although it is only equipped with a reverse-mounted single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 313cc, it has a larger displacement than the GS family because of its relatively light weight and flexible handling. , Big Brother cars with heavier body are more suitable for adventure in narrow and tricky forest roads.

The 2021-style G310GS upgrades the original only rear brake lights with LED lights, and upgrades to all lights including headlights and direction lights that use LED light sources. LED headlights can not only further improve the night vision, but also are very bright. And can illuminate the road evenly.

Not only that, the G310GS has also adopted a new electronic throttle and a sliding clutch in this change, which not only makes the throttle response more sensitive, but also suppresses excessive engine brakes when downshifting, making the vehicle easier to ride. Significantly improve the fault tolerance of the brake and refueling at the same time.

As the smallest displacement member of the GS family, the product positioning of the G310GS is compared with other family cars with displacement. The target customer group is naturally more concerned about the price, but they want to kiss the buyer from the Bavarian brand Fangze. .

The lightest member of the GS family! BMW 2021 style “G310GS”

BMW recently announced a small facelift G310GS with an off-road adventure style, except for polar white and metallic water… continue reading

Entry-level street car G310R

The frame and engine of the G310R are shared with the G310GS. It also belongs to the smallest displacement car in the BMW car series. It is the first small displacement car launched by BMW. Although the equipment is not particularly prominent, it is branded with special The reverse engine still caused quite a stir in the year it was launched.

G310R also undergoes minor changes in the 2021 style. The power output is maintained at 34hp/9,500rpm, 28Nm/7500rpm. Like the G310GS, the electronic throttle and sliding clutch are newly adopted to make the throttle response more sensitive and suppress downshifts. The excessively strong engine brake makes the vehicle easier to ride.

The lowest threshold to enter the double B! BMW 2021 style “G310R” announced

Since the launch of BMW’s entry-level G310 series, the threshold for entering the Double B has no longer been unattainable.And… continue reading

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