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Lying to the insurer can put your life insurance at risk!

st_title = “Lying to the insurer can seriously jeopardize your life insurance!”

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Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of thousands of Quebecers and Canadians find their insurance products at the best price.

If you lied or knowingly failed to provide any information when it came time to purchase your life insurance, please be aware that the insurer and / or the financial institution with which you have done business have many resources, of all kinds, to corroborate your assertions and to confirm (or not) any omission related in particular to alcohol and drugs, your habits life, driving, etc.

Be careful, anything can happen there!

When it comes to insurance fraud, investigators have “a long arm” and are able to flush out information from the SAAQ, RAMQ or MIB. (Medical Information Bureau). They can also know which hospitals you have been to, the identity of your doctor, the name of your pharmacy and the name of the drugs on your prescriptions!

These very confidential investigations obviously begin with the examination of the initial insurance request., while the investigators seek to know if the beneficiary is indeed the same person as the one who took out the insurance… and not a third person who would have, for example, usurped his identity.

Whether it’s mortgage life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance or standard life insurance, the definition of insurance fraud remains the same, either lying or failing to disclose certain information (intentionally or not). And keep in mind that you will not be able to invoke the fact that you were not asked the question, nor will you be able to argue that you had not thought of it. Rather difficult to question a dead person …

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st_title = “Lying to the insurer can seriously jeopardize your life insurance!”

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